Breeding event this Wednesday


since level 28 i’ve averaged 20-28levels per fort
sitting on 38k embers, 131 gold chests, 42k rubies, 500 days of clocks, 252k tokens, 453 mystics… (gold in fort, some rubies in fort as needed for pearls/embers)



That’s impressive :stuck_out_tongue:

Though, 3 sapphires + 2 plats is 307k tokens. That’s expensive, even if you use frags for Sekhem. :thinking:

Tbvh since you really don’t seem like you’re suffering from insufficient tokens, I’d suggest going Icicle 1. It’s a cooler path than most give it credit for. :sunglasses:


wow teach a noob how you managed to do that :o
i’m following all the rules with short bases playing patiently grinding my heart out to max my dragons but im growing SO SLOWLY… I’m den capped even after fort lmao


There’s your issue. Grind! But make sure you make the game your job, or you’ll be crying for tokens.

To be fair it’s probably more painful in green/gold/plat given the amount of XP needed to get dragons breedable compared to your base max XP.


Super high league relative to level, Atlas access, and $$ are the three main ways to progress super quickly


Last breed I did 20ish runs to get jotun to 12 :joy: it gets better


I play patiently meaning I grind really hard (as in I get the most medals, somewhere in the ballpark of 2+mil in a week), have elite, frequent the forums 50x a day, finished the first page and some for Gunnar for the first event without spending, never use timers/tokens unless it’s the event, have a short base, etc… :((((
what am i doing wrong?? :confused:
my entire roster is den capped but im pretty sure half of them have expert+ xp levels… my divines are sitting on
tens of millions of xp waiting to be leveled… D;


My next is Hau and Gorg.
Hau (about 15.4M) is easier due to spell set.
However, Gorg (10M) is more painful.


If so, then you need to build faster. Just as simple as that.
Try opening more chests during fort.


not getting enough timers from my chests :frowning:
Edit: When’s the next fort?


During Fort, chests gives more timers and other rss.
Check here (updated a bit late each fort due to hunting)


i had been planning to rush into gold and use my gold chests during breeding, in order to get farther down Gunnar’s path, and also because my divines are far outpacing the growth of my lineage roster - is building more of a constraint, then? My attack seems to be fine (can hit lvl 110+s for mediocre bases and ~85-90 for defended short) but I’m getting tired of waiting a month to get 2 levels on each divine for a whopping increase of 100k attack power -_-


Get Atlas.

Edit: Depending on your level, I know one or two Atlas teams that may want you :wink:


Aw, wait til you hit gold evolution on divines. It’s amazing; think I went from 300k to 1.8m? I forget, but it’s gigantic.


:thinking: IIRC, from 700k (boosted) to 4M…


im level 64 >:frowning:
SwornToValor is the team name


Only deci Jul and like a part of icicle for me FeelsBadMan


without spending

  1. grind bronze chests at all costs (personal preference I open mine in pvp)
  2. pick an event that you want to open gold chests (personally fort for embers and pearls)
  3. atlas
  4. grind more chests
  5. when you think you’ve ground enough, grind some more

** of course pick what ever chest opening strategy works for your specific situation…
I also might be opening a few gold in breed if I need the sigils to finish off gunnar.

level 84 is a huge upgrade to your dragons.
Having 2 legendary gold bred
Hitting level 84 you get +4 levels on your divines (level 96 for +1)
@ level 84 your dragons become +380% stronger


Well, do feel free to drop an officer from XuliaEmpire a message. Tell them Kate sent ya.

On topic: Tokens, chests, and speedups help you along. You gain the former two by grinding and doing well in events, you do the latter by doing Atlas events.


I’ve got 2 of those 3 :joy: