Breeding event this Wednesday


I am at the exact same point at 242. The brain says follow the path. The heart says follow the path


I am breeding Balahm and hatch him in March 2019​:sob: and then Sanguis in April​:sob::sob:
Currently I am hatching Lokan. In between I will breed green and golden eggs and do some research😢
How bad is that?


I’m a noob only getting whale and con this breed, hope that’s enough for the 450 sigils. If not might blow my mystic frags purely for the prizes.


I’m willing to get three sapphires if it means that I get Hau more quickly


Am I right to assume that you’re following Whale/Cons1

If so, after step 4, leave the path for a while, and breed Sekhem first (to unlock Sapphire Divine.)
After that, return to step 5 until you get Rizar and Kaiju.

Once you get them, return to Icicle 1


One thing people dont mention when they talk about the almighty Hau. If you dont have 10k+ healing potions and hundreds of hours of free time,… Getting Hau wont be as beneficial as you think.


I wonder if you’re overestimating or underestimating the amount… :joy:


haha underestimated for most people.


I have tons of healing potions and lots of free time right now since I’m going to start Winter break from school


Excellent just thought I’d warn you :blush:


Okay, thanks!


I assume this was directed at me. I’m following reds best and don’t see the path you are talking about for sapphire.


Nah. Red’s best uses Whale/Cons 3, which bred Rizar and Kaiju before Vulcan and Kelvin.
In that case, it’s step 30.
Also, my comment is specific for Nyx, since I only know Cerbero and Nosfer are next


Where do we find whale/cons1?


All those complaining about the sapphire wall makes me feel old…its more a slightly low fence now… :joy:


Don’t you need egg tokens for that?


How many tokens will Cerbero and Nosfer set me back? I have 64.5k tokens and 32 fragments


Nevermind, just checked the guide. I might still be able to get Vulcan and Kelvin


That damn new tier wall :eyes:


If PG doesn’t release more research options to use up tokens the new tier will be a small hop for most end gamers.

Every big on my team is sitting on a shit ton of tokens. I mean even I have 290k from zero last event doing my usual thing. No grinding. :man_shrugging:


@PG, thanks for removing the early stage bonus prizes in the breeding event, i’m sure that everyone enjoys the 50 less sigils

Thanks for fixing :slight_smile: