Breeding event this Wednesday


Pop open the full prizes. Might be there. Was originally hidden from me last event


These ones?


So much sarcasm :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

(This comment is about the text with the strike through in Mech’s original post)


They are back :slight_smile:


Is it possible to outbreed your lvl? Just wondering, I hope Fortification is next…


You’ll get capped, like a 329 with harbingers… can’t move forward


Just refer to Red’s guide. Fair warning, though. Three sapphire legendaries are 263k tokens. Have you historically been able to do that much between events?

I mean, Sekhem can be done with frags, and is actually more worth it that way, but your historical token earnings are still worth a long hard evaluation.


I’ve already got Nosfer and Cerbero ready to breed. I’m breeding Vulcan and Kelvin together now


So three sapphire legendaries are 263k tokens. Have you historically been able to do that much between events?


just got bander and yersinu, gota get on that xp grind so i can get started on whale :'D (i think i can do it but itll take a bit)
as it costs 100k to get whale/cons, and i only have 26k atm (dont think this will increase by more than 4k during this week), and only have 70 mythic frags, should i just wait til next breeding?


Unless you only want one legendary (unlikely, you need two for gold evolution on your divines), in which case it would be worth it to spend them on Whale, it’s best to do them via tokens and save your frags for Sekhem.

Honestly, your token gains/week should be more than 4k. Even if you don’t do any egg token missions at all, your daily bonuses would contribute. 74k is a bit of a stretch even with the breeding token boost though.


Woops, just realized how ridiculous that sounds. Of course I’m going to get more than 4k :'D
I’ll spend as many tokens as I have but I’ll save the frags unless I’m super close. I need the sigils for Gunnar, anyway.


I don’t know what “Icicle 1” you’re looking at, but the above sequence isn’t even close. Sekhem, Scorchil, Quetz, Iteru, Hau

  1. Sekhem (500 frags) + Scorchil (87.5k tokens) + Anapa (6.5k tokens) = 294k tokens
  2. Quetz between events.
  3. Anapa (81k tokens) + Iteru (87.5k tokens) + Hauheset (136.5k tokens) = 305k tokens
  4. Gorgonus (87.5k tokens) + Apophet (140k tokens) = 227.5k tokens
  5. Ursa (100.45k tokens) + Jul (100.45k tokens) = 200.9k tokens
  6. Icicle (161.7k tokens) + part of some other dragon, not finalized.

Well. It’s not exactly like Icicle 1, but I’d say it’s close enough. Getting Hau next event, Apo after that, and Icicle in another two seems fair enough to me. Maybe I should call this Icicle Kate? :thinking:

Edit: I may split Gorgonus to event 2 and Apo to speed-level in event 4 depending on forts, for the 390k point prize. Which is nice.


It is difficult to outbreed your level before you get to the Obsidian-Harb transition.


Thought you meant the sigils. Which I can only see in the first 20 mins if I open the whole prize like this

Bad Anduril, don’t try to be helpful.


@Orcafrost already have Cerbero and Nosfer leveled to breedable and am halfway through Necura, Vulcan, and Kelvin’s eggs. Should get them done by the end of the event


Breed Hauheset :heavy_check_mark:
Make Hau breedable (fast - sorry) :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Gorgonus :heavy_check_mark:
Make Gorgonus breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Ursa :heavy_check_mark:
Make Ursa breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Icicle :heavy_check_mark:
Hut eggs for the next fortification event :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:

Now I can start concentrating in Her Majesty


I started on storm, made storm breedable, got deci, made him breedable and got Noc!

Also got A&A, Slax and Kerbos as bonus dragons, and I evolved my divines. And got eggs for my builder hut.

Awesome event. Next fort I’ll get my 56 towers :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Nice! Next breeding event I’m getting all the emerald eggs that I need to max out my builder’s hut :smiley: And in Feburary I will be getting Noctua and Estril (not that I can hatch Estril any time soon lmao) but I’ll be set on builder’s eggs for a while :rofl::rofl::rofl: