Breeding event this Wednesday


I’m a slacker… Haven’t been able to make Hau breedable…


You can get max xp on Andy with Hauheset in about 5 seconds, you know that right? Way faster than doing invader runs.


Yep, about 60 more runs …


Breed Scorchil :heavy_check_mark:
Incubate Scorchil’s egg :heavy_check_mark:
Level Scorchil to breed :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Quetz :heavy_check_mark:
Incubate Quetz’s egg :heavy_check_mark:
Level Quetz to breed :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Iteru :heavy_check_mark:
Incubate Iteru’s egg :heavy_check_mark:

Now need to grind like heck to breed Hau at the next breeding event.


Deci - done and leveled :chunk:
30 green and 60 gold research eggs - done :chunk:
Noctua - done and leveling :chunk:
half of Archimera: pending :axi:
Gunnar’s line: finished once I level Noctua (not bothering with his Vanguard stone) :axi:

Pretty happy with this event, I just wish there was something I really wanted to get this season. Here’s hoping the seasonal is decent.
Shame next week’s event is probably going to suuuuuuck


I’m almost trough so this critique doesn’t really apply to myself anymore but still:

Why are platinum and lower level tiers not being taken into account with breeding event rewards? Plat and below dragons simply cost way less tokens (thank god) than garnet and up. But even if you speed up incubating and power level your new dragons, you can’t get them to breeding in time (unless you’re heavily spending on XP boosts and/or potions). Making it by default impossible to do well in breeding. I spend a lot of time on this game but with breeding I simply am unable to reach that 450 mark, let alone above it.

Shouldnt event rewards be mostly determined by time, skill, and money spent (the latter is sadly just how this game works) instead of what level you are? High levels are generally already in higher teams with bigger chance on good team rewards, why should individual rewards also be skewed towards high levels?


Cerbero and Nosfer - Done

Vulcan- 219/400

Kelvin - 215/400

Necura - 195/200

Pretty good so far for my first event in breeding Platinum lineage.


So the time, skill, and money spent to become high level and breed all the dragons before sapphire tier shouldn’t count for anything either? Every high level player has gone through the earlier tiers (which give out lousy points in the breeding events).

Keep playing the game and you’ll reach the point where you gain more points with a single tower upgrade or a single dragon bred. At least the lower level players are facing a slightly reduced cost on dragons and tower upgrades, which is more than some of us got. I struggled through the sapphire and garnet tiers without any sort of discounting. I even made it partway through my required breeding in emerald tier before I started getting discounts.

If you want time and skill to be rewarded, PVP events are more your speed, though spending money seems to be rewarded most of all :unamused: Minor events are purely a matter of how many rss can you spend to do well in this event and the truth is that lower level players simply can’t spend as much.


Bred and leveled Opes
Bred and leveled Estril
Bred Rajin and Morthil
Hatched Rajin, letting Morthil cook for now though
Maxed the event with 700k points, so I’m saving the rest of my tokens for Sanguis next breed. Pretty happy with the event!


The way you do good is u breed for reserch and use the odd mystic frag and you have a smaller point goal to define good


Well, I was only going for apophet. I ended up doing apophet, quetz, chompa and renard thanks to my teammates motivating me. I’m pleased. :grin:

Edit: Special shoutout to @Zikiru for all the XP runs. :sunglasses:


Scorchil + Sekhem.

I skipped out on Anapa; she’ll be done next breed for better reward payouts on my tokens. Anyway, pretty pleased! I’m in Sapphire now! :smile:

I’m lazy about xp runs, tbh. I’ll dread whenever I need to actually grind a dragon to breedable in a single event…which’ll happen in the next one. Iteru. :unamused:


I just ground (grinded?) 3 breedable in one event. Aphopet was horrible. You gotta get mythic dragons to lvl 16 for breeding. :cry:


I hoarded my gold chests and cashed them in and did well with XP potions and some food packs. Most of the food I got through matchmaking runs. A 100+k here a 100+k there. And sometimes it was lower level players sitting on a wad of food.

I also sprung for a one-time pack that was loaded with XP potions.

Just adopt a different approach style.


3, and you said just? How dare you :disappointed_relieved:?

I’m just 2 then (also, only 300/700 Ursa)


I said “just” as in recently. :grin:


Estril bred and leveled
Rajin breed and leveled
Sanguis 170k tokens in (out of 175k) lol

9 harb eggs for hut
701k event points



XENOT bred and breedable 180k
SLAX bred and breedable 17k
Hedran bred and breedable 114k
Girasol bred and breedable 202k
Wraith bred and breedable 15k
getting from Shezard some hut eggs with 110k tokens cause I am not 300 yet to hatch hope I can grind till end of event the rest to finish shezard but dont wanna open chests or use frags on her, any advice here please ? I am almost over with gunnar .


I’m such a fool I got yersinu and bander on the first day, then spent all week trying to get yersinu to breedable (using xp boosts) and now I’ve found that I’m actually den capped and can’t breed whale and cons :frowning:
What do I do? There’s nothing on reds best that I can now breed, but I also want to get farther on Gunnar - every additional sigil I spent on his line is another saved. The other problem is that according to the chest drop predictor my next (and only) gold chests will not have any sigils at all - should I just save my chests? There will be too many 30% boosts for me to consider opening them, but is the predictor always correct?
There are dragons like caladbolg and Firactus but I think I need to prioritize the breeding path over random dragons that don’t show up in it at all :confused:


Yes; the predictor is always correct. It’s a fixed sequence. Honestly, I don’t recommend pushing for anything that you don’t need…unless you need green research eggs? Or if you can get gold research eggs for 2k a pop?

Anyway, just plan better in the future and match your breeds to the minimum levels stated in Red’s path. A few extra sigils on Gunnar now isn’t really worth straying off the path and potentially impacting future breeds. You can always come back and finish him off after discount, despite it being slightly more expensive.