Breeding event this Wednesday


Chest drop predictor is always correct for me. I think “predictor” is a misnomer. It’s not predicting anything. It’s just telling you what’s gonna happen 100%. It’s more of a chest drop time traveler.


Just bred frostbiter in one go and 90 frags of anapa at lvl 177. Don’t think I’m making the 450 so on to the next event lol.


Well to be honest, becoming higher level doesn´t necessarily take skill or money, it just takes time. Does having installed this game earlier than other players count as a merit?

I’m not saying everyone else needs lower rewards. I just don’t get how lower players are supposed to reach the rewards that are being set out for them. You literally can’t spend more tokens (unless you spend quite heavily to incubate your new dragons and then spend on XP transfer/potions to get them to breeding in time).

Again, I’m at the end of plat so it doesn’t matter for myself. Just wanted to voice the frustration of new players that are trying to compete and contribute to their teams but literally can not do so. Also: plat was never reduced, only Saphire and up were, you payed the same as new players do up to platinum. But w/e.

That smaller goal just won’t do if you’re trying to reach team achievements.

Lower levels aren’t short on food, they’re short on xp. Unless you’re spending (either money or saved rubies/chests) on incubation speedups, XP transfers/potions, you can’t compete. That’s doesn’t seem fair to me. Makes it way harder for lower players to do well in the event, while they’re putting in equal effort and time to farm those egg tokens.


Sorry, can’t let that go without a comment… As far as Platinum and below not being reduced, they shouldn’t be. The breeding scaling was WAY off at Sapphire tier and above, hence the name Sapphire Wall. The breeding progression for new players actually isn’t bad from beginning to Platinum, at all. The game actually has a constant flow through those tiers, as it should.

If you are stressing over newer players not being able to contribute hundreds of thousands of points in events, uh, well duh, theyre not supposed to be able to. I should not and could not expect a level 50 player to contribute as many points in any event as a level 100, much less a 2-300 could. If the level 50 is on a higher league team that demands that type of contribution, them maybe, just maybe, they’re on a much higher level team than they should be :man_facepalming: Edit - or that team leader is an idiot…


I’m simply reacting on someone suggesting that newer players pay less. They don’t up until Saphire, that has remained constant. Never suggested that it should be reduced, it’s fine the way it is. No reason to get touchy.

Well, maybe not hundreds of thousands, but reaching the team achievements should be more or less doable don’t you think? Or even reaching the 450 mark that most people aim for. That is atm simply impossible in breeding (while it’s very much possible in other events). Not due to lack of tokens or fragments, but due to a restraint in spendable tokens over time. If you don’t speed up incubators and spend to power level your dragons, you can’t use them to breed. So you only get to breed 1 set of dragons, which is not enough by far to reach even the 450 mark.


I agree except for one particular breed. Gold legendaries, I still think the 100k should definitely be reduced to 50k to match the rest of the tiers. As it is now, it costs you 100k for a pair of Gold but 64k/44.8k for a pair of Plat :man_shrugging:


I’m not getting touchy, ok, maybe I am, but that was the 3rd or 4th comment this morning where someone wants it fair for all in Care Bear My Little Pony Free Stuff For All Dragons. Your comment regarding the Platinum and below price not being reduced seemed to fall into that category. If that wasn’t intended, all good :+1:

The Team Achievements aren’t supposed to be easy to get. Especially the higher ones. I’m leader of a lower Platinum team. How many times have we gotten the last achievement or team quest rewards? None. They require higher levels, that can put up more points, to get greater rewards. It’s as simple as that. Team Achievements and Quests didnt exist when most of the player base was in lower tiers. Honestly, if every team could get those extra, new rewards, it would throw an incredible imbalance into the lower tiers…

And Cooky, I’m not saying the lower tiers are perfect, but they’re a hell of a lot more balanced than the later tiers, by far…edit - as far as progression goes, that is.


Well there’s a difference between easy to get, and impossible to get.

Breeding is an event that requires you to prepare. It requires dedication to run missions everyday, get bases in Atlas for tokens, farm chests etc etc etc. In general, the better prepared you are, the more tokens you have, the better you can perform in the event.

A lower player, say level 100, can prepare all he want. He can build a stack of 200k tokens between breeding events if he wants. He will not be able to spend those tokens unless he spends timers to incubate faster and spends money/chests on XP transfers or XP potions. That doesn’t seem fair. Being a higher level just means being at a different stage of this game. Having played this game for a longer period of time should not be a merit in and by itself (in my opinion). Event performance (just like war performance, atlas performance etc) should be correlated to the time/skill/wallets(sadly) of all players of the team combined, not to whether you have a team of new players or a team of old players.

Let’s put it the other way around. Why can everyone of all levels do evenly well in all events (given the same amount of time/skill/money), but with breeding we accept that lower levels just don’t get to have the same chance on the same rewards?


Oh, and I guess a lower level spending a few days of timers is too much to ask? When a higher level has to spend a few dozen days of timers to get their rewards?

And it’s too much to ask of lower level players to do a few dozen Xp runs to level their dragons to breed the next one? You know, the same thing that higher level players have to do? Cause, you know, XP scales per player level, same as it does for dragons :man_shrugging:


God, what’s with the tone man? Cheer up.

I’ll try to explain. Provided both players already have the parent dragons up at breeding level and have an equal amount of tokens:

In saphire and up, you can spend 125.000 tokens with one couple.
In platinum and down, you can only spend 64.000 tokens max with one couple.

So in platinum you need to power incubate 2 legendary dragons (2x 15 days?), and then get 2 dragons to breeding level (lvl 12), that means 5 days of using all XP bonuses, AND spending (because you can’t reach lvl 12 within 5 days) XP pots and rubies, to spend the same amount of tokens and get the same rewards.

Saph and up needs to have 2 dragons at breeding level (which you can prepare for in the time between the events) instead of 4 to get decent prizes. So their bottleneck is: the volume of egg tokens. While the bottleneck for plat and below is how much you’re willing to spend on powerleveling the first pair of dragons you just bred.


I did just that this event. All xp potions that I had, xp runs … at Sapphire/Garnet. Otherwise I could have bred 1 drag only.
The only advantages are: Atlas makes easier for xp, and higher rewards. But guess what,the req are also higher
I think you have a romantized view of higher tiers.


See, that’s the problem though. You’re trying to compare things that aren’t equal.

The game scales. It’s a fact.

Lower levels have to expend more heal pots and attack more times in a PvP to get the same amount of points as a higher level. I don’t see how breeding is nor should it be, any different :man_shrugging:

Sorry, I’m just over this whole Care Bear Same For All Dragons crap already.


I’m not trying to adress progression rates here, I’m trying to adress breeding event rewards. If you had only bred that one dragon, you’d have been able to spend anywhere from 125.000 tokens to 231k tokens.

If a lower level tried that he’d end up with a maximum of 64k tokens spend.

The fact that you spend all those pots and xp runs is not because you didn’t manage to reach the 250 winterjol sigils, but because you like to progress fast and you farm more tokens than you can spend in one breed. That’s admirable (I try to do the same), but not really the issue here.

@Jonesy Allright, I hear you. Guess we won’t be getting on the same page here. In my opinion effort and skill should be rewarded instead of seniority.


It is, it took effort and skill to level up :man_shrugging:

But yes, we won’t be on the same page, sorry.


Whats your proposal?


You have that, is called Team Rewards


@Jonesy Perhaps in your case, but there’s tons of players here who didn’t grew in effort and skill, their only merit is that they started to play this game earlier. I don’t see how that’s a merit at all. And frankly, I think that this attitude is what is preventing PG from creating a proper ‘catch-up’ mechanism that allows people that spend a lot of time and money to get to end game.

@TulkasDeBalic Never formulated one. I was hoping it would stir up a good debate. Which it did :slight_smile: I think the current situation is sub optimal. Since breeding event points are directly linked to egg tokens and you can’t mess with that, I guess the easiest would be to make a tier related %increase.


I don’t believe there should be a catchup mechanism. You compete with players of your level. I don’t see what the problem is with that.

And ok, I’ll extend the conversation a little. You want the level 100 to be able to get the same rewards as the level 300, for the same expenditure of rss, tokens, etc.

But the rewards arent the same. Yes, they both get 450 sigils, for example. But the level 100, they get a Divine that is useful to them (let’s say they’re in sapphire tier, for arguments sake). What does the 300 get? The same Sapphire stone that the 100 got, however it is TOTALLY useless to him, because that same Divine is useless to him until it hits Obsidian tier.

See where I’m going with the scaling here? The higher level should get the prizes easier, as it takes more to get something that is useful to them, hence the whole scaling idea…and the basics of how the game works.


Its the same thing in all the other events

Fortification depends on your resources and timers. You have less of both at lower levels.
Same with feeding

PvP you cant hit higher bases, therefore less points.

I guess that you are talking about progression here, but I dont understand fully what do you really want. Remember that prizes must scale for higher tiers. If you want better prizes, what a lvl 400 should obtain?
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Well a game without catchup mechanism is a dead game. PG does not retcon, they don’t modify all content, they just bring out new tiers and new towers. The game will slowly get less interesting because all lower dragons and towers have become irrelevant. That doesn’t just hurt lower level players, it will hurt everyone in the long term because the game will close down. Right now, a player in Obsidian is eager to reach Vanguard because it will give him access to usable dragons. Lower levels don’t have that, they only breed because it unlucks a new stone for their seasonal divines (and maybe because they know hauhaset is still awesome). All other lineage dragons are literally useless. They’re just old irrelevant content that people now have to painstakingly have to plow trough.

Your point about rewards not being the same is very fair. You’re right, rewards are not the same. Although anyone that understand the game will tell you that regardless of your level, you need to get all stones or otherwise you’ll have to dump your dragon in a couple of months. So really, lower players are spending sigils on content they might eventually get to some day in the future. Who’s off worse?

The keypoint here is ‘a little’. Higher levels already get higher rewards. In PvP you can hit higher levels for higher points. Atlas is more or less only available for higher players, which gives speedups and egg tokens to get higher rewards in fortifcation and breeding. The higher you are, the better the team you can apply to, the bigger the Atlas and team rewards.

My point was, on top of all that difference, that lower levels physically can not spend the tokens they earned simply because they need 4 or 6 parents on breeding level every event instead of just 2.