Breeding event this Wednesday


By that mentality, none of us, that weren’t here when the game first began, should be here, at all. Sorry, I wholeheartedly disagree with you.

And it is a valid point. It’s the way scaling works and how the game encourages you to grow and level up.

Edit - maybe, at some point, PG will start dumping lower tier content, or allowing a new player to skip it. I think that would be a mistake, but I would like to start seeing Divines beginning at a higher tier…


Well, not sure if you’ve noticed, but a lot of people have been leaving recently.

And that’s kinda like saying ‘it’s not a bug, it’s a feature’. This clearly wasn’t intentional. The breeding event rewards are basically shit up until platinum. Then you get a 2x increase at saph, and then it stays about the same the rest of the game. There’s plenty of encouragement to get to higher level, it’s not as if those breeding event rewards are causing everyone to keep pushing. It’s simply unequal without good reason and that’s bothering me.

But I’ll let it rest, I’m already trough all that bs and it’s not cool to consider lower level players on this forum so fuck em.


A lot of people have always been leaving. It’s a game, players quit daily. Sure, a few of the vocal players on the forums have been leaving, but they’re a drop in the bucket and in the minority.

And I’m not saying lower levels should be ignored. They aren’t, at all. Ok, except for rainbow evolution stones, bringing back past divines and avatars, etc etc, but honestly, new players, in the lower tiers, have the BEST game of us all. They’re constantly getting new dragons, the game hasn’t stagnated yet, and the best part is, when they get to Sapphire, the wall has been lowered some.

Hell, if I could start over, at level 1, with all my purchases refunded to me as credits to only be used in that account, I’d do it, in a heartbeat. Edit - that’s 2 years of progress I’d do over, for the fun of it…


I wouldn’t, here’s why:

  1. No Atlas, you play a lot when Atlas is down? I don’t. At least the first 4 months you won’t have Atlas at all.
  2. Every dragon you breed is useless. You will only use them to farm xp for feeding, and get them to breeding level. You might use Amarok for a while, but you can’t really hit up with him either anymore.
  3. Your only useful dragon is whatever seasonal you managed to obtain. Also, you’ll have to go for whatever is on discount the first season you play because you won’t be able to complete any other lines. Hell, you’ll be glad to finish even the discounted one. Let’s hope it’s a fun one because you’ll be using it for literally everything for the coming 2 seasons at least.
  4. You can’t apply to most teams first couple of months, no matter how skilled you are, you’re low level so you’re useless. You’ll have to team up with other low levels, a vast group of which is not going to play this game for a long time (they don’t know that yet). Most of them suck. A lot of them don’t speak English and none seem to understand how wars work.
  5. You have to build shit towers because otherwise you can’t progress. You can only bank them by the time they’re lvl 20 or something. Good luck with that boring task. Also, no perks for you, pearls are harder to get than they used to be.
  6. IF you play by the rules of a ‘new player’ and don’t join some team that already has Atlas: congratulations! You now have access to Atlas. Except that you can’t conquer anything, everything is taken and you’ll get hit by saphire and diamond teams the moment you lay your hands on a level 2. Also: you don’t have that lvl 450 anymore so you’re a free glory target now. Unless ofcourse you submit to a big alliance, which is pretty hard and demanding these days. So, have fun getting destroyed by people 100 levels higher than you in the Red Zone!

No thank you, I’ll take the higher level game any time.


-1. Atlas is nothing more than a way to craft better rider gear and level it up, as well as a nice XP base and a rss bank for the team. Other than that, Atlas is nothing more than a huge money sink.
-2-4. Game has always been that way
-5. Not if you actually follow a building plan and do it “right”
-6. See #1

:man_shrugging: Agree to disagree. The game is a blast. There’s nothing like it in the AppStore, which is why so many quitters eventually return. That’s why I’m still here.


I powered through gold in one breeding event. I did the same for platiinum, way before they discounted those tiers. Yes, lower players get less xp. But they also need way less xp. Tell them to quit whining and grind, that’s the only way to breed multiple dragons from ANY tier, I had to do the same for 4 Harbingers this event. The difference is, it cost me 32 days each to incubate them.


Don’t know why can’t copy or quote😡

You stated: "…You literally can’t spend more tokens (unless you spend quite heavily to incubate your new dragons and then spend on XP transfer/potions to get them to breeding in time).

That statement is just not true.

You can do it by grinding and participating in events while on a team. The more active the team and number of members on that team the more you can earn. Having access to Atlas beasts guarantees max XP per run as long as you complete at least 70% with one dragon (or 2 if being backed). Without access to Atlas, need to be on a team that is willing to swap 3 xp runs against a base routinely that will yield you max xp.

Some dragons have lower min levels to breed, some as low as lvl 6 (or 8). Plan ahead, save the gold chests, food packs, timers, and rubies for breeding. I used saved timers for the incubator, used some rubies to buy 200% boosts. No spending money is necessary. Yes, this time I bought a one time $75 pack offer that was loaded with XP potions to level Scorchil more quickly so I could breed Quetz, but not to level Quetz to breed Iteru. And I could have just ground instead and still would have accomplished the same, instead in 3 days I’d have completed it on Monday before event end.

Also, as you keep breeding during the event you earn more awards. Also if following Red’s breeding path it indicates when best to use the Mystic eggs.

So spending is NOT required unless you are impatient.

So, you don’t want to spend, you don’t want to grind, and you don’t want to save up resources? What do you want, PG to hand it all out?


I don’t understand the issue here. This breed I got storm, deci, noc and lumina, as well as slax, aa and a couple others from doing so. You either choose to do a ton, a moderate or little amount and plan for it.


Or you plan to be powerful for your level and have to grind hard and get lucky to get 1 drag every breed event


If you’re getting one dragon per event, then you’re not grinding hard.


I have an old calculation for when i got ettin, i needed 450 extra follows if i was going to get him to breeding that event even though i started day 1


This is hilarious, and what Jonesy said above is 100 precent correct. It is obvious you have not played at a significantly higher level.

I have. Been through all the walls, got so fed up (like always staring with a stupid Orange evolve stone when I needed Obsidian or Halbinger to be effective) and even with the scaling the grinding is more intense. Walked away, switched to my little Alt account that I started in 2017 to help fill quitters.

I am having much more fun with this now 138 account, and that included me sitting back purposely in an XP farm team, and then a few months later a team with access to Atlas for those of us who had Atlas before were on the brink of quitting.

So I’ve walked in your shoes twice, as well as been in the near end-game and having said that don’t believe any slack should be given so new (lower level) players should be able to reach an endgame in an ever expanding universe. Sorry, but no. Balance things that are out of wack, yes, regardless as to what level player it affects.


So what would you call grinding hard in terms of xp runs for a single dragon per day in breeding? 100 per day? 150? 200?


It took me a day to get Opes breedable (99M xp, so about 150 runs). It took me 2 days to get Estril to breedable, because I wasn’t in a hurry. That’s still another 99M xp, and 150 runs, just spread across 2 days. I didn’t use any potions or rubies, just a ton of invader runs. And that’s still not nearly as much grinding as some players do.


Ok, by my definition thats grinding so hard you must have quit your day job


I actually work 60+ hours a week. And let’s say I didnt want to do 3 breeds, I just wanted 2 dragons. I could’ve spread those 150 runs for Opes across 5 days, now it’s only 30 runs a day. But that’s also 4 more days of multipliers, so it’s more like 20 runs a day in reality. So you still have no reason to be whining about it being too hard.


It’s not called grinding it’s called$$$$$. Only getting elite money out of me. .


Not really sure what your point is. I just explained I did it without spending a dime or using resources. So no, it is called grinding.


In my opinion, you can not use your alts experience to reference how new players progress through the game. New players do not know about breeding paths, how to properly build bases, what atlas is, etc. Majority of them how no clue how this game works unless they go find the information themselves(which takes a lot of time) or are taught by someone else. Most don’t jump to teams with full members then activity seek out teams with atlas for additional benefits. So yes maybe you and Jonesy may have more fun as a lower level now, but that is partly because you get to bring all the knowledge that you have learned from years of playing.

Just to be clear, I am not agreeing with Fightguy about breeding points or changes to scaling. I am only arguing that creating an alt and being completely new are not the same.


Emeralds here we come!

Breed Ferga (enough tokens) :black_square_button:
Breed Kyrule (not enough but will be during event) :black_square_button:
Get Mehaten as byproduct :black_square_button:
Make Ferga Breedable :black_square_button:
Make Kyrule Breedable :black_square_button:
Backbreed Gloomclaw (not enough but will be during event) :black_square_button:
Make Gloomclaw breedable :black_square_button:
Expert Gloomclaw :black_square_button:
Perch Gloomclaw :black_square_button:

Edit: Thanks @mechengg