Breeding event this Wednesday


Expert gloomclaw before perching him :slight_smile:


I’ll be flying day 0 Level 1 Hauheset starting tomorrow evening! This will keep me busy for probably the next couple of years!

@TheRedDelilah recommends flying her for 1 week as a level 1, she obviously wasn’t thinking of no-talent Hau flyers like myself, so I’ll keep her at level 1 a bit longer than that.:confounded:

Couldn’t get that time-shift / rewind down when I had her as an Expert the first time even after watching AirForce’s videos like a marathon! So, this time I’ll try it Red’s way. Hopefully, this time I’ll impress myself! (I have lower standards than the rest of you🤣


The reason why keeping her at level 1 helps is because you cannot reply on her power and have to learn to fly.


That’s what I’m counting on.:+1:t2: I just hope this iPad can stand being thrown across the room a lot.:grin:

PS: Didn’t make getting her at lvl 137, but at lvl 140 I don’t think is too bad.


Breeding Lokan, won’t be able to hatch him until after next fort. (Assuming I can make up 850 days of missing timers by then :crossed_fingers:)


3 harb eggs and 3/4’s of keth :partying_face::cry:


Here’s what I’ll be breeding:


And Maybe Empyrean tear will be avaible this 9 too?


No new tier yet.



Anyway, breeding my last 2 obsidians and 7 sapphire research eggs.


I’m vaulting over most of Emerald tier this breed.
Kyrule, backbreed Gloomclaw, Pyrochis, and Stormheim. This clears the way for Noctua and Obsidian tier next month, making Emerald the shortest tier I’ve been in so far.


Any reason you’re breeding Keth instead of wydrian? I’m at about the same point, I can breed sanguis and then either wydrian or keth, but wydrian is 100k cheaper.


Rajin 2 path. Basically I can have 4 breeds before 330 vs only 2 on the rajin 1 path. 2 sure is pricey up front, but it’s cheaper in the long run.


Short term and long term it’s better.
Long term it’s cheaper, and short term it fills out more tokens before L330. Aka it’s more heavily front loaded token cost wise


Unless I’m reading it wrong, it’s only 60k tokens cheaper. And on 1, I can finish wydrian this event and let him cook without wasting timers, and take my time getting him to breedable. On 2, I would have to finish keth out next breeding event, immediately hatch him, then grind him to breedable during the event to breed kaze.


400k tokens cheaper you mean?

Decimals are hard :man_facepalming:t3:


Says 1 is 1.54M and 2 is 1.5M, minus another 20k cause I already have Lokan.


How many events until you reach 330?


Eh its depressing to think about, but probably at least 4 or 5, maybe more. But I still need to dump about 100k eggs into research to get the last construction time reduction.

And @Lutrus no sweat haha, I thought I was looking at old paths or something.


So think of it this way.

In the next 4 months, you can spend:

Rajin J1: 175k + 175k = 350k tokens / 4 events = 87.5k tokens per event
Rajin J2: 275k + 175k = 450k tokens / 4 events = 112.5k tokens per event

Then you will reach a “merging” of the paths where you can unlock the rest of the path. From this point onwards it will cost you this much to get your mythic vanguard:

Rajin J1: 175k + 275k = 450k
Rajin J2: 275k

The Rajin J2 path is much “smoother” or more balanced in it’s requirements for earning and spending egg tokens. Sure you can throw tokens at random dragons, or at random research during the climb to 330 just for the sake of event points, but the smarter thing to do is spend them on your breeding path.

So those are my arguments for J2 > J1

Maybe it will make a difference :slight_smile: