Breeding event this Wednesday


Third breeding without any new dragons… waiting for lvl 300 :cry:


Get those obsidian eggs! You won’t regret it!


Three to go for max hut I think… are there only 3 upgrades?


Yep!! You will love it before 300 lol


Damn, I did 1 for the builder’s hut eggs.

Will stink if I don’t hit 330 next fort though. Balahm my last egg and can’t cook the one I have.

Hopefully not a fatal mistake


Good points all mech. The main difference I think you left out is when I can get those last 4 harb eggs for my builder hut. I’ll get 8 this event regardless, but on J2 it will take me an extra month to get the last 4.

Next fort I will have all 63s on my kill island, but then to get 65s I really dont want to wait an extra month, finishing keth so I can breed kaze vs being able to breed kaze right away.

I’ll do some math and figure out if I can get it to work though, putting just enough into kaze for 4 harb eggs or something. I already did the math on research and I know I need 100k for the last construction research.


h o t


Spend an extra 80k eggs and just keep breeding sanguis and get them all this event :slight_smile:

That’s what i did so i didn’t consider it for others haha. I got anxious and wanted to hit the 700k prize mark last event


Idk 80k is a lot when I can get them for free later lol. I wont have the timers to get all 5 towers from 60 to 65 next fort anyway :man_shrugging:

I hit 690k when I finished Rajin, so I just put 10k into research to get that last prize.


@mechengg do you by any chance know the extra eggs for each step in J2?


May I know, why is this important ? :thinking:


You can feed him more in feed events


I’ll pass :joy:


AP will reach full buff if he is expert when perched


I think best combo is Girasol combined together , and then Keth I . Gives 16 obsidian eggs in your first harb breeds and 16 harb eggs un your first vanguard breeds without being 330 .
I had to combine those paths in the best effective way . Merged Girasol D with K at one point , got shezard earlier and didnt need to take it while breeding vanguard

Any opinion ?


Breed Cerbero + Nosfer :black_square_button:
Hatch and get Cerbero + Nosfer to breedable :black_square_button:
Breed Vulcan + Kelvin :black_square_button:
Hatch and get Vulcan + Kelvin to breedable :black_square_button:
Breed Sekhem + Scorchil + Anapa :black_square_button:


Is the AP increase significant at higher levels? :thinking:


Unless you’re at a reasonably higher level than plat tier, you’re going to have to do a few hundreds worth of extra xp runs :exploding_head:

Mine -

Breed Renard
Breed Iteru
Train Iteru to breeding
Start breeding jul (Hopefully finish, will need to farm about 95k ish within the week to finish :grin:)


3 multis for cerb
3 multis for nos
3x5 multis + 39 additional runs over 5 days for kelvin
3x5 multis + 39 additional runs over 5 days for vulcan

3+3+15+15+39+39 = total 114 runs over 5 days. so… 23 runs a day as an avg?


I am assuming you to be around 130ish then, as I said,

But yeah, if it’s just 114 runs, that should be fine.