Breeding event this Wednesday


Finish Icicle and hopefully get kyrule at least far enough along I boken mehaten


I’m powerlevelling Iteru this event too. Do you hate that umbral only makes it’s debut at level 9? Because I know I do. :upside_down_face:

I should probably count how many wisdom runes make sense on him, too. Ugh. Am shifting riders around just for him, too, because I hate non-multiplier xp runs. :poop:


I expect you to fly Lady Hau before the event is over


Trying to find the most efficient way to get the last 3 obsidian eggs I need for last hut upgrade… current level is 257. I’m thinking that I should just breed Lokan again… on Rhyo 2 path… thoughts?


Just back breed Wraith 3 times, that should be cheaper than breeding lokan again.


I don’t believe I have the parents for that…Double checking.


I believe you two are talking about the same breed lol

Rhyo/Archi will give you a wraith egg every 15k tokens or so


Well, there you go :slight_smile:


Hopefully I am just overlooking something obvious…

Last month I finished rhyo then bred just enough on Lokan to get my first 4 to upgrade my builder hut. I am going to finish Lokan this event, which should give me obsidian builder hut eggs 5-10 , and unlock level 59 towers… I’m 275 right now, so pushing my 5 main towers from 57 to 59 will get me to 285… Next is Opes, worth a whopping 1 obsidian egg, leaving me one obsidian egg shy of upgrading my builder hut and unlocking level 60 towers… Any recommendations on getting the last two obsidian eggs (after finishing Lokan) without straying too far from my breeding path? I mean should I continue with opes for the ONE egg, or is there a slight detour that will get my builder hut up where I want it without wasting a ton of eggs?

Edit: I typed too slowly, and this was already very clearly answered in the interim :smile:


As above.
Keep breeding Lokan using Rhyo/archi for another ~30k eggs. Every 15k eggs gives you a spare obsidian.

So for 30k detour you are up to date


Well, I’ll open the event with Iteru + the rest of Anapa, after which I’ll powerlevel Iteru to make Hau. Hau and Iteru will be instantly hatched; Anapa goes into the cooker after to wait out the full duration of his incubation. Not using frags, so it’ll be about 310k tokens :disappointed:

I’m excited for Hau, and have a near-full set of runes to put on her, but…idk. This is the point where my token stash starts to dip and never recover :rofl:

Do you want me to bring Hau on you for her virgin run, or should I try Odin again? :thinking:


I have 90k tokens, will hopefully be able to hit 100k by end of event to get both Whalegnawer and Consurgens! Level 71, how high can I level them with my maxed den/storage?


Just bulk xp them until enough for at least lv 12.


At least your medal count will go wayyy up lol.


Getting Lumina and Archimera, and starting on Rhyo. Which gives me Rhyo and Lokan next breed.

Looking forward to get Harbs soon​:grin::grin:


Luckily, I wouldn’t need to struggle that hard on getting him to breed. Just the mults on 3/4 days should be enough. Since I already have Apo, and so saphire builder eggs, I decided to push my levels a little high to make breeding and training easier. :grin:


Do me, I’m easy, speeding up my token missions again so please take some wood, please


Getting Jagra and Kulan
Make them breedable
Then Rizar and Kaiju


:heart::heart: It was wonderful


We got lucky HAHA

Am typically shit, but am sorta ok with a front left blue :wink:

Glad you enjoyed it, but do credit @ZestyNoob for his foc cleaning services >:D!