Breeding event this Wednesday


400k points
Sek and Scorch speed hatched and slow roll leveling for next breed
Anapa slow cooking

Should all be breedable by next event :smiley:


Breed Ferga :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Kyrule :heavy_check_mark:
Get Mehaten as byproduct :heavy_check_mark:
Make Ferga Breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Make Kyrule Breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Backbreed Gloomclaw :heavy_check_mark:
Figure out what to do with Mehaten :black_square_button:
Make Gloomclaw breedable :black_square_button:
Expert Gloomclaw :black_square_button:
Perch Gloomclaw :black_square_button:




Wind defense set already :man_shrugging:
Not going to build a full fire set just for him


Just wait for gloomclaw then, hes mythic wind warrior. And eventually you can swap him for girasol, if you perch ever gets that high.


Everwanted to laserbeam baby bases? Well, now you can!


Ooohhh yes I forgot, he’s the freaking laser dragon
I’ll try


360k event points. (385k Tier is very tempting but got no resources :sweat_smile:)

Sart saving 380k more tokens for Ferga next breed :triumph::triumph:


Ok on my lvl 56 account I got munin,danzig,lumen,basilius,yersinhu.
So is set to go to lvl 70 and get those dragons to breed so I can progress to gold legendary next breed.
On my lvl 182 account I got ferga,kyrule,gloomclaw, so got my perch dragon.
On my lvl 270 I got wraith,marinas, shezard and 500/875 on mortil, and almost got noctua and archimera and all my obsidian eggs for builder. As I prob wont hit 300 next fort those 3 and some research is what I can finish next breed


Breed Ursa :heavy_check_mark:
Make Ursa breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Icicle :heavy_check_mark:
Make Icicle breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Grind 100k more tokens and breed Ferga :heavy_check_mark:
Running 413k event points total.

Quite happy with outcome :grinning: All the garnet eggs for hut here so I am looking forward to building those farms up in the next fort. And divines evolved as well, so the hard work paid off very well.


This is going to be my breed exactly next event haha.


Mehaten’s laser beam is the only thing that keeps me sane running Blackblood bases during Gauntlet.


Got lumina&archimera
My mini 126 got scor&iteru& Lady Hau​:heart::heart:


Breed Ferga :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Kyrule :heavy_check_mark:
Get Mehaten as byproduct :heavy_check_mark:
Make Ferga Breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Make Kyrule Breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Backbreed Gloomclaw :heavy_check_mark:
Make Gloomclaw breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Expert Gloomclaw :heavy_check_mark:
Perch Gloomclaw :heavy_check_mark:

Not that I use the forum as my personal note taking app :smirk:


Hi my level is 42, what dragons are best for me to breed? I have hydron already


Amarok since 28


Breed only during the breeding event. And follow Red’s breeding guide - it’ll save you SO many tokens in the long run. Amarok in particular costs a ton more tokens if you breed him immediately, instead of following the breeding path.


Since you aren’t using Mehaten on your perch, I assume that you never did figure out a use for him? I notice that it’s disappeared from your todo list… :grinning:


My plan this breeding is more modest. Finish Icicle 4 path…

Breed Pyrochis :black_square_button:
Make Pyrochis breedable :black_square_button:
Breed Stormheim (and Zaru) :black_square_button:

I don’t know if I’ll have enough tokens for both (276k), but I’ll need to grind, I want to break into Obsidian next breeding.

Talking about that, I’m looking at the Obsidian-Harbinger paths. Not sure which one to chose. Any recommendation?
It should include Noctua at some point. When I firsts draw the paths I would chose, I did with having Destar in mind (the dragon around when I got more serious about the game, path S Girasol D), but now that there is three tiers behind I don’t know if makes sense and I’ve abandoned the dream.
I’m thinking towards S Rhyo R#1 or #2.

Stress because of the multiple options :slight_smile:


I want to push for level 65 towers next fort so it’s: estril, raijin and sanguine for me… finally get to use my saved up frags, yay!