Breeding event this Wednesday


Both are equal I think.
Though for me, mystic is just for extra point.


No I think they worht different depending on if is a legendary or mythic


or save the frag for emerald where no discount


Right I’m doing that for sure. Thanks.


Use frags on legendaries over mythics. Don’t use frags on icicle, that’s where you get your builder hut eggs. So either gorgonia or use. But what path are you on? If it’s reds best then DO NOT USE on gorgonia, it’s a backbreed


you take the total value of token for the dragon divide by the total number of fragment need and you get the value token of 1 fragment
dragon A need 100 token for 10 frag. 1 frag equal to 10 token
dragon B need 200 token for 5 frag. 1 frag equal to 40 token.

if you have only 10 token and 1 mystic frag:
you can spend 10 token for 1 frag of A and spend mystic frag for B. end up 1 frag of A and B
you can spend 10 token for not even 1 frag of B and 1 mystic frag for 1 frag of A. end up 1 frag of A and 0 frag of B


Yes gorgunus is a backbreed. Only 8k tokens needed. I’m in icicle 1


Then use your frags on Ursa if you’re gonna use them. But @Miaowme has the way to calculate for yourself


Might be next week if they keep the same cadence! (9-10 weeks)


Lumina and Archimera (mostly excited about the hut eggs :smile: )


Getting Deci and starting Icicle until i get to the 450 sigils achievement


I am on A&A3. The past week my base went from 141 to 158, so I can get Ursa, make her breedable and backbreed Mehaten


Renard/Kyrule/Gloomclaw. Need to figure out how many fragments to use for points purposes.


Finishing out Frost, and thanks to the new cadence I won’t have the tokens to start anything else. :grin:


Me too! Though gonna hold on Pyro until next breed cuz I can’t level both Kyrule and Gloom in a single event. How’re you going to manage that?


I’ll be finishing Stormheim and hopefully also getting Deci and finishing Emerald. Still have 60k tokens to grind though so hopefully nothing happens with the token boost this time. I’ll also finally be getting Pathox



Getting Anapa and Apophet for Builder’s eggs. I’m going to need so many damn timers for this and next fort it’s not even funny. :sob: :t_rex:


I had that this week… 17 levels consumed around 250 days… This breeding will use another 55ish… And we have no time, the next fortification is just around the corner!

Run everyone! Aaaaaaaaah!


I know the lack of timers is awful :rage: I’m . This new event rotation is terrible.


Enjoy Apophet
(I did it!)