Breeding event this Wednesday


Breed Kyrule
Make Kyrule breedable
Breed Gloomclaw
Make Gloomclaw breedable (and wait for fort to perch it)
Breed Pyrochis

next breeding after this I’m breeding Stormheim and start S Rhyo R#2 :slight_smile:
Super excited about that. Except for I’ll start it a bit different. Red says Deci - Noctua - Lumina but I won’t have enough tokens for this order (Storm 176k+ Deci 153k is harder to grind than Storm + Lumina 112k), and I want obsidian as faster as possible, thus I’ll breed Lumina right after Stormheim and then continue the path as suggested :slight_smile:
Of course I’d be glad to get Noctua faster, but for my overall progression now it’s more important to make it my way.


I will have Storm this breeding, and then having Deci the next would be good, 9 emerald for the hut. But I see your point, if not possible to have Storm now yeah is better to get Lumina to unlock divines.
I’ll probably chose that path, although I have no idea about Opes,
Estril, Rajin and Morthil


Finish up Keth and start breeding Kaze :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

  1. Breed and hatch Kaze.
  2. Grind Kaze to breedable.
  3. Throw whatever tokens remaining toward Jorm/Jotun and hope for the best.

Good Luck to everyone! May you all reach your goals this breed event. :beers:


Same here! Good luck!


My sincere condolences


Lol @Lutrus I figure Kaze can’t be any worse than grinding Cheeto ( CHTHOTEUTHIS ) to breedable! That drag needed a follower the whole way! I hated grinding him. :tired_face: :joy:


I think Icicle was my least favourite to grind.


Girasol, Girasol was the worst.


Finish another dragon I can’t hatch for another few weeks, then I am stuck aside from research eggs. :neutral_face:

On the bright side, next fort event will be that much more exciting :smile:


Hatch my UVS egg naturally (18hr remaining, you also know how I like it all natural :smirk:)
Breed the rest of Keth and pressure cook him on high for 6.8 seconds
Put Girasol on simmer
Do 18 gold research eggs
Start to naturally do research to hit the ice turret damage in the next few weeks for when i get my ice turret to L65


Breed whichever Empyrean’s Red tells me to and maybe even hatch one (assuming that 371 is high enough)!


gloomclaw for me, hated it


Estril, Rajin and Sanguis… Wish my fingers luck with all the leveling…


Dang man, nice! :beers:


Breeding my first Harb (Loken) which I wont be able to hatch for a while :sob: and then breeding some research eggs. This is going to be a very boring event


Finishing my second vanguard and then making a crap ton of gold research eggs. Gonna be an exciting 5 minute event for me.


Its not so bad @Lee1230 … It’ll take that slow auto-breed at least 45 minutes to count through those egg tokens 400-at-a-time! See… you’ll have more breeding time than you thought! :joy::beers:


Breaking into Obsidian with Lumina this week, and then Deci. After that is probably just a few research eggs. There’s no point in pushing Noctua because I likely won’t be 280 by the end of next fort, so I might as well spare myself the timers I would use by speed hatching Deci and leveling her to breeding during this event.


Why do you need 280 to breed noc?