Breeding event this Wednesday


I was wondering the same thing. That would be 5 levels beyond an Expert Noc. :thinking:


I don’t need to be 280 to breed noc, but I need to be 280 to level my divines after hatching a second obsidian legendary.

I mean, I absolutely could push through deci with speeds and grind up enough levels to breed noc, but it just seems like it would be a waste of timers.


So you have no interest in using noc as a roster dragon?


True enough. And itll definitely be annoying breeding 60 gold eggs, gotta manually start each one. And now I’m even less excited for breeding, thanks lol


That was the worst event ever. Breeding green and gold research eggs that you need to start manually every single time.


Lol Sorry @Lee1230 If it’s any consolation… Been there, done that. I feel your pain. Good Luck! :beers:


Thankfully I’m good on Plat eggs, and I only need 60 more gold. I did a bunch of gold last breeding once I finished sanguis.


I wouldn’t say that, but 25 or so days of speedups to push through Deci is a bit steep when I’m about to have to level all of my farms and mills next fort. Noc seems cool, but is really just a means to an end as I race toward level 300.


Why speed up Keth? You’re not in a rush to breed another vanguard now that you’ve got your harb eggs for builder hut.


So i can get Girasol in the cooker. I don’t want to hatch him too late or he won’t be able to solo invader runs.
I can also backbreed Wydrian next event when he is to breedable without having to rush breed him.

I enjoy having a fully experted den and something to level doing invader runs and Keth/UVS is all i have left ATM.


Honestly I think I might sit this one out. Disappointed that, in PG’s first real opportunity to show us they’re pushing to improve player happiness, they didn’t show up.

The discount percentage moving through Obs and into Harb is significant. Hoping they’ll adjust percentages next month, by which time I should be well positioned to progress straight through to my first Vanguard.

Time will tell.


Finish ferga
Back breed gloom
Start pyro. Dont know of I’ll get pyro finished


Ah I see. Still gotta catch em all huh? I still have AA and a bunch of Emeralds left unhatched, have no desire to do so either.


plus harb stuff but only capped/not expert

EDIT: (right side got cropped somehow)




I may have a slight problem


Tie between girasol and gloomclaw for me. I got gloom to work but it was as joyful as nails on a chaulkboard.

Girasol I believe I finished off with Andy with an instant swap and kill 10 towers and quit.


I liked that Gloom at least had something different and interesting. Girasol looks like two giant black dildos are being flown.


I miss Andy :sob::sob::sob:
Chtho can deals 8% damage to the base, giving capped exp even for 100+…


Not Ursa?
Mine (lv 12) is dead on invader runs, while Chompa (lv 16) stays alive with 80%+ HP