Breeding event this Wednesday


Ursa gets my vote for worst slog.


I have 3 emeralds left, one at 29, one at 25 and mythic at 31…
Noc den capped, lumina den capped, archimera level 23
And then the pic up to that point is the same… I see no problems buddy…


How’d you put this together?


With the same insanity that he leveled the dragons :joy:


Snipping tool and some screenshots w/ Google photos. Lol


You’re ducking crazy :scream:

Edit: @Kardul :roll_eyes:


I know mech is crazier than crazy, but he also got fans who are younger than most, so please

(Listen to Captain America, he’s awesome!)

On topic : I’m grinding tokens for my next Garnet…


Getting half of stormheim…got lazy with tokens this month, it was exam time, what was a dude to do🤷‍♂️


Same problem :see_no_evil: though mine is Icicle…

Off topic.

Quote of the day… (Sorry mech)


In this event I will:

Spend 457k tokens
Use 840 frags
Blow 165M worth of XP potions…



Off topic: I am so glad I don’t need to do any xp grinding this event, because the stupid heart fireballs and cupids following my dragons make me want to :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


Finishing Rajin and doing Wydrian (Lokan). No exp grinding for me :heart_eyes:


Breed Ursa
Train Ursa to breed :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:
Breed Icicle


Raijin is tough and slow at our lower levels. I suppose because he’s a mythic. Good luck!


And that’s why temple raid is a piece of cake! Nice work Sir!

I have a couple I didn’t bother feeding but have the XP to expert. Plus some early divines I didn’t get all the stones for (Ebon - who actually was useful for TR) Just seems like a waste of food now.


Step 1 is admitting that you have a problem. :grin::grin::grin:

I had a problem too but a different one. PG cured me this event though by releasing a new tier and no discounts. Looks like Archimera only and gold research eggs this round and pray that Rhyo doesn’t cost me 203K tokens next month. (PG, this is how you convert a spender into E2P. Bravo!)


You should make cooking recipes, I’m salivating right now… Especially when you mentioned UVS… Mmmh triple yolk egg…


I have a book of cheesecake recipes that i’ve altered and put together :man_shrugging:
Seriously I’m known for my cheesecakes amongst my friends/family/coworkers hehe

If anyone is interested PM me and i can forward, i have it on google drive lol




Noc is my best dragon, even though he’s not my most powerful. He’s SOOOO useful. You can use him as a solo dragon, or you can use him as a killer setup dragon. He’s also really fun to fly. The timing of things isn’t as difficult as it is for Hau, but doing an attack JUST RIGHT is almost as rewarding. Definitely my favorite dragon in the game… (I never got more than mediocre with Hau - I had flashes of promise, but didn’t have the patience and healing pots to really become good with her). Noc is useful even if you don’t master him, and if you do master him, he’s a BEAST.