Breeding event this Wednesday


Bred Kaze, Locan, Altimorak. Altomorak is a t breedable, Kaze is at 8 lvl Locan is at level 4
But short on Harb eggs for Builder hut.
What is the best option:

  1. Breed Balahm
  2. Breed Rajin and do harb eggs for builder hut
    Please need your advice


Have to flip a coin to see which 2 new Empyreans i am going to get


That’s where 165M XP potions come in… :joy:


Breed Quetz :ballot_box_with_check:
Speed cook Quetz :ballot_box_with_check:
Quetz to breedable :ballot_box_with_check:
Breed Iteru :ballot_box_with_check:
Speed cook Iteru :ballot_box_with_check:
Iteru to breedable :ballot_box_with_check:
Spit on Iteru :ballot_box_with_check:
Put rider back on pathox :ballot_box_with_check:
Breed Hau :ballot_box_with_check:


Does the breeding event token boost start today like a PvP would? I’m still at base+elite only.


Pyrochis is in the cooker, until the next breeding event :slight_smile:
Done and now only chest grinding a bit. Easy this time.

Sounds awesome :heart_eyes:


Token boost begins when breeding event goes live. There’s no gap in the timing.


Are you supposed to use speedups on your dragons? I can’t get my dragons to incubate quickly enough to be able to get them to breedable between breeding events :frowning:


I always use speedups. If I need dragon to get breedable for another crossbreed right away, I do.
26d + 26d this event, for two dragons. Third I don’t need until the next event so he is cooking naturally without wasting timers :slight_smile:

Got 4 or 5 dragons when I hopped swiftly through garnet with flashbacks to sapphire, that was a pain for my timers stash.


I’m at level 71. I got Whalegnawer and Consurgens in the last breeding event, but I haven’t made it to level 84 yet. It doesn’t matter if I speed up their incubation, because I can’t breed them anyway. Do I just… sit this one out?


Depends on your breeding path (I hope you are following one :slight_smile: ), might not even need them.
Slynx and Bronze don’t need those two. And don’t need 84.


It will take some time to get them breedable, so you still might want to speed-hatch one if you haven’t already. I say one because Consurgens and Whalegnawer are actually interchangeable in the next few breeding steps; you really don’t need both at breedable level.

If you are well set for breeding tokens you can backbreed some extra eggs for your next builders hut levels and for red through green research. Don’t go crazy, because saving egg tokens for your main breeds is more important and because you’ll get some green eggs for free as you finish breeding your golds.


Thanks! I already have Slynx and Bronze over breedable. It’s seven days til Whale is complete, so I’ll probably speed it up a little. I only have 38k egg tokens right now but most of that was earned over just this last PVP event (I took a two week break).


Speed up and gather xp on them until you can lvl


You can if you can’t make them breedable inbetween events cooking naturally. I used about 100 days of speed ups this breeding event just to get 4 dragons out faster. Managed to get to the end of plat by speeding those bad boys up. It only gets worse as you grow or so I heard.


Mech, you owe me a recipe for a chocolate Cheescake with blood orange. So send it to me or I’ll haunt you forever(please).

BTW, @TheRedDelilah , do you still have any glitter? I may need some


Marianus :white_check_mark: (hatched and breedable)
Rhyo :white_check_mark: (hatched and level 6)
Xenot :white_check_mark: (naturally cooking 26 days) not needed until next event
Next event Harbs. (Current level 265)


Breed Jorm/Jotun done
Make them breedable done
Breed Tuktu/Redrian done

Lots of work, but Jorm is amazing :yum::heart_eyes:


Finished Keth and 180k eggs worth of research.


Yeah, only have 2 platin and 2 saphire left now😋 step one before facing the 300 wall, get that platin time reduction!