Breeding event this Wednesday


Anapa bred and hatched :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


LOL… you don’t like the in flight tramp wiggle?


He’s a nice looking dragon, but that’s about it and I’m still busy embarrassing myself while keeping Hau at lvl 1. So, hopefully I’ll do Frost next time.


Bred and hatched Rajin and Morthil. Now to grind more egg tokens for next event to get the harb eggs I need


Rhyo, aka my last progression giving dragon for two or three months.
Tomorrow I’ll pick up roughly 84k of Lokan for 5 obsidian eggs.

The next fort is a small one, getting my 57 kill island and catching up my storage. Should end around 266.

Next month is the rest of Lokan + enough of a second Lokan to give me 8 additional obsidian eggs, 13 in all. Then a crap ton of golds to get me to the platinum construction bonus.

Then try to get 34 levels in the following Fort. Not expecting success, but you never know.