Breeding event this Wednesday


Breed Scorchil
Get Scorchil to breedable
Breed Quetz
Get Quetz to breedable

I’m way behind; I should be breeding garnet by now but being overconfident that I didn’t need a breeding guide when starting platinum tier has caught up to me. Should get Hauhset in a few weeks or so though. Can’t wait to finally fly her(even got a full legendary earth set saved).

Breeding Goals in a few weeks once I’ve got Quetz to breedable and have all the tokens and fragments needed:
Breed Iteru
Get Iteru to breedable
Breed Hauhset


Get Rhyo breedable and then breed Opes… Maybe I’ll get Stormheim too as a backbreed :laughing:


The first part of my breeding plan is a continuation of the last breed event: Finish the rest of Jormungandr’s egg, hatch him, then get him breedable.

The 2nd phase of breeding has changed since the implementation of the L300 Progression improvements. Since I am now L388 and Red has updated the breeding guides recently… Instead of throwing leftover egg tokens toward Altimorak, I’ll now be following the updated guide sequence and put those tokens toward Tuktu (Redrian).

Good Luck to Everyone in the event! :wink::+1::beers:


So glad it’s breeding. Getting my first two vanguards. Altimorak and redrian


Tuktu’s egg and Redrain who I will actually incubate for next event. Hopefully it will be easier to get to 400 now, we shall see.


I’ll be getting hauheset :slight_smile:


Finally entering Obsidian!

Breed Noctua :black_square_button:
Grind a few more tokens🔲
Breed Lumina :black_square_button:


Finish Keth
Make keth breedable
breed jotun ( and get 8 harb eggs )

I had the choice to either breed kaze or jotun but chose to play around with jotun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rhyo and Hedran…but I’m gonna have to scrounge together an additional 75K tokens from now until end of event. Obsidians done at 232!


Hope you have 3000 days worth of timers saved and your platinum construction research done!!


:joy:Only 1,500 days presently. Goal is to build to 2.4M point level per fort event, which will give me 2 research egg only breeding events to catch up on research before hitting 300. Need 18 green eggs and 48 gold eggs for the extra 5% construction buff - “only” 106,560 tokens for those.


I agree! It doesn’t make any sense to have so many breeding events without events to compete for who can upgrade the most dragons. I’ve been waiting for what seems a month to upgrade any of mine. I’m ready to move up to the next tier, but I can’t breed any of those unless I upgrade preemptively… I hope admin considers this.


Upgrade prematurely… not preemptively. Autocorrect is my worst enema.


Is spending sigils on the egg token buff worth it?! Someone please explain why or at least make it sound like a good idea


It all depends on if you grind out egg token missions truthfully. They less you grind missions the less it is worth spending the sigils for. If you go full boost @ just over 6k sigils that equals 1/5 of a dragon line or almost half of the discount dragon.


I guess, the last time I even looked at the egg bonus leg was a long while ago and it seemed too expensive. But I am much higher tier now so the dragons cost a lot more. I’ll try it out once and see how it goes. Thx


I honestly don’t know what I would do without the 100% EggToken Bonus (125% is not entirely needed).
For example I will breed Apophet in the next Event, and getting the 140k needed since last event, would have been frankly impossible for me without the Bonus


This event for me will be only few research eggs…


Emeralds finally. Ferga and kyrule and ofcourse mehaten on back breed for perch, he’ll slow cook since my perch won’t be 31 till next fort. Have a 4 elite / 4 leg defense fire set leveled up to 4+ sitting idle just for this perch king. :grin:


Archimera and Rhyo.

Not Opes.

Dammit, PG… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: