Breeding event this Wednesday


Ferrox, Lumen and Mune. At level 84, there’s nothing else I should breed according to Red’s Best. That said, I only have two gold eggs, and I’d like to get more than 60k points for this event. What should I do?

edit: thanks grumpy i forgot




+some gold research eggs
needed them anyway and it pushed me into the 2nd 500 sigil pay out.


Ursa, Jul, Icicle + some green/gold eggs.

360k’s close enough to the 390k prize tier, and the green rage research would be nice, I think. Gold eggs aren’t critical since they’re mainly only going towards the 5% incubation discount.

Will be a good event for me to consolidate and check plans for the season and progression, going forward :slight_smile:

e: Btw, preliminary impressions of Ursa: succ.


Also, kind of excited to have a Mehaten to plonk on the perch next event. Benefits will largely be aesthetic (remind me what mythic warrior perch benefits over legendaries are again?), since current perchwarmer is Leos. :joy:

Might get the defense rider/ base boost this season, if the stats are good! :>


You have good instincts…


Tower wards. Extra HP for random tower every 4 s.


Hrm, I thought it was a singular tower that doesn’t change?

Also, what % buffs? :open_mouth:


It’s extra nice when that extra HP is for your storm tower :smiling_imp:


It’s a big help :grinning:


Hot damn, I want it :drooling_face:

Of course, that means I need a level 31 perch -.-;;

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That is the problem :laughing: I’m lucky that I manage to have two perches at lvl 31 :smiley: which means I can stick anapa with the atlas rider for the construction bonus on one perch and not lose Meh and Tanok’s awesome bost for my base during Fortificaiton… And this is getting off topic :rofl:

On topic: I’m getting Opes! Who I can’t hatch yet :rofl: (and I might have already said that but I can’t find if I posted it up higher in this thread or not :sweat_smile:)


:scream: Lots of flag? :roll_eyes:

On topic. 2 more level on Icicle before getting Meh.


Frost, bred and hatched


I’m an advocate of saving rubies for the similar sale at the end of the season. If not that then the rune sale

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