Breeding event this Wednesday


I’ve heard he’s terrible to fly. But at least I’ll get the extra eggs out of it :grimacing: :t_rex:


Is not! I like him



He’s a very good sorcerer. I’m glad I got him first. Hau was good for much longer, but Apop was top of the class at the appropriate levels.


Apophet isn’t bad for undefended event runs. Can handle mid 200s pretty easily with no defenders. There’s obviously better choices but it’s not completely terrible.


Nightfall gives him some strategy. If he has rage, you can do a lot. He has the same limitations as any sorcerer, but a white instakill spell is very useful.


I’ll be breeding Rizar - fast breed - breedable and then Iteru - fast breed - breedable and then the second Garnet Legendary Jul :slight_smile:
I’m still 100k token short, but I think that between today and the last day of the event I’ll have it. With Rizar I finally fix my breeding path to what it should be.
If I can do this, next breeding will be Hau and Gorgonus. I’m looking forward (specially for her majesty)


My plans for this event are Quetz, Chompa, and Iteru. Next event I’m going to get Jul, Renard, and Hau. You can do a lot with 500k egg tokens :rofl:


Yes apo is good. I have him for easy runs :joy: autorun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. A little expensive tho


Have fun with Rizar. He’s easily my favorite in Platinum and I still love using him on my invader. (Have enough XP stacked to expert him almost twice…) :t_rex:


Yes rizar is the best in that tier


Breeding isn’t going to be fun for me this go around (well this event and next breeding event too).
The only dragon that i can possibly breed is Mafic, who would be my second mythic obsidian but i’d have to pay full price for him as well.
I’ve also completed all research that i intend to do, unless i want to just blow tokens on something silly.

So with 2 breeding events left in the season, what do i really do here? Waste tokens for sigils (that i need) on Mafic in hopes to have someone else to breed next event as well?


Get some follows on invader base lol. I follow enough people I can ask for as many as I want.


May as well do some research eggs. Even if they’re not ultimately helpful, Mafic is pretty bad and completely unnecessary so I’d say research is the least useless option for you.


Sekhem and begin Scorchil, not enough tokens to finish. And the new event rotation doesn’t help me.


3 vanguard eggs for the builder hut. yay. :roll_eyes::joy:


Mech if getting mafic will give you the chance to breed something else next event then I would go for it. Don’t waste tokens in something useless


I think Mafic gives Estril and Wydrian. But Rhyo already gives Estril and Wydrian is only used to breed Destar and backbreed Girasol. Not a lot of benefit in my opinion.


Going to breed whale and cons. I only have~80k tokens, which one should I finish with frags?


Doesn’t really matter. :t_rex:


You should be able to get the last 20k tokens during event so I’d save em.