Breeding event this Wednesday


Apophet is AWESOME for sapphire!


I’m breeding rhyo… have enough to do Lokan and Opes too (thank you token boost) but no incentive to do them… made 253 this fort, can’t hatch harb until 300 so yah… no point wasting timers on rhyo if I can’t incubate harbs so going to spread Lokan and Opes out until the following breeding… looks like lots of research eggs in my future…

I have to say, this is way worse than the sapphire wall, at least there I could grind and feel like I was getting some progress, at this point the next 3 months are going to be basically me standing still waiting for something that will come so slowly I almost feel like I’m going backwards…


If I were you I wouldn’t spend any fragments until you breed your first Mythic Sapphire, or even later. Anything below Sapphire is easy to get.

Use them as last resort.


Spend all your frags on Whale. You do not need to get Cons, and it is the best deal you have for mystic frags in gold tier or higher.

For example: if you spend 250 mystic fragments on Whalegnawer, it will save you 100k egg tokens. If you save those same 250 mystic fragments and spend them on Apophet, it will save you 40k egg tokens. That means whale saves over double the tokens.


Mythic sapphire is absolutely terrible for spending frags on.


If you say so… anyway, the same applies to anything beyond 1000 frags…


It is all math.


So about that hidden message in that flyer…


Well do that math quickly

200,000 tokens / 1000 fragments
Each mystic fragment is therefore worth 200 tokens typically
Then apply the 30% discount to it, and each mystic fragment is now worth only 140 tokens

It’s a fairly low value


It has nothing to do with the number of pieces and everything to do with which eggs get you the research and builder eggs you need at no additional cost.


And whalegnawer comes in at 400 tokens per fragment…


Agreed, if they are doing the whale/cons path and have zero desire to get consurgens :slight_smile:


Earth flak?

Hmm. Seems likely.


Thank you guys :slight_smile: It’s easy to provoke out the info :smiley: You are right! (And my breeding plan supports everything you said - math wise.)


Hmmm. :t_rex:





It’s totally a hoax.

There is no earth flak.



I think it’s timely to be a little nostalgic


I’m still waiting on my pink one.