Breeding event this Wednesday


Sparkle Flak, to accompany Kirin. Make it happen, PG. :t_rex:


This would complete the flak set.

Anyone else sense the finality?

Next season completes the elite armor.


Actually it would probably be a glitter flak and would be the most terrifying thing ever shudders. Glitter gets everywhere and you can’t get rid of it.


I’d write a nice sad eulogy in preparation for the steady decline of the game that we are all anticipating, but that’s not the kind of life I want to live right now.

Now THAT is a true nightmare. :t_rex:


Or a MUD-SHOT: It covers the screen with dirt and reduces the visibility of the base, therefore blinding the attacker, and slowing the dragon down in the process.


I am breeding Lumina. If breeding was next week I could have gotten Archimera. Now for one week I have to wait 3 weeks to get Archimera. This really sucks


Mud that covers the inside of the screen!

Like, against the camera!

I love it.


That don’t hold a candle to my years of dealing with the inky squid in Mario Kart. :t_rex:


I doubt PG could get away with it, but it would be hilarious if the flak looked like a mudkip from Pokémon. “Mudkip Flak used Mud-Shot! It’s super effective! Enemy’s accuracy has been reduced!”


I get a bunch of dragons this event. Mainly Vulcan since I already got Rizar, but I think 2 or 3 Plat epics too. None of those will even get hatched.


My condolences. I hate that dragon.
Also, my browser crashed while trying to write this post the first time. I wonder if Vulcan hates me back. :t_rex:


Lol. I look forward to getting back into Sapphire. This is the end of a backbreed down to Plat to hitch on a modern breeding path.


You only hate him because they made fireball suck. When it could wipe a whole island it was a good spell.


Im still waiting on the Meat Flak that force feeds attacking dragons, making them fat and slow


I hated him because he was allergic to fireballs from turrets instadeath lol


Best way to level up your dragons would be to hit a mission base filled with these puppies :joy:


Well it doesn’t matter if fireball wipes an entire island, at 3 rage fireball is utterly worthless due to only being able to cast it every second island at most. Then throw into the mix that even a single L1 red mage makes fireball useless means it’s an even worse spell.

Fireball spell has been useless since L15 when red mages were introduced.


What about white fireball?!?

Also terrible because spell was nerfed to hell.

Yes I’m rewriting history a bit, since the spell was nerfed before divine fireball was a thing. But then the “max base HP” nonsense happened and the nerfing was complete.


It was? :eyes: :t_rex:


Or maybe I’m going senile.

I get lost in game files sometimes.