Breeding event this Wednesday


But we’re way off topic now. Lol.

So, on topic… I could breed some Mythic Vanguards.


What in the world is that ? A new flak is coming out? :man_facepalming:t2: :astonished:


This game is going crazy. I took a nap :sleeping:. Woke up and there will be a already a new flak :thinking: damn :joy:


They kind of went off the “flak types matching dragon types” path with the Electro Flak.



The projectile object for this flak has been in the game since January. It’s hardly a new development.


It’s a wind flak in the game files.


Well then…carry on.


Gonna finish jotun and potentially get altimorak :nerd_face:


Jotun the beast :joy: :joy:. That dragon is insane


Not when ice flaks are present, haha


I took a nap and the new cadence thread was up. Note to self: never take naps unless you want to miss something important here. :t_rex:


OR be a pessimist and anticipate shit to hit the fan when you nap so you can soundly drift into a deep slumber because your expectations are rock bottom. Things can only go up from there.


I’m gonna finish Rhyo and breed Lokan, but I wont be able to hatch him for a while. Could breed Opes too, but I’ll be saving him for next breeding event so I dont end up stuck like @mechengg lol


The apology 250% token boost will let me finish Frostbiter, get Anapa done and leveled, and complete Apophet with a little left over to roll into Jul next event. I’m level 167 right now.


Rizar & Kaiju


I would hatch Whale first. Cloak > Healing Mark, and Whale can actually replace Consurgens in the coming breeding steps so you don’t have to speed-hatch and speed-level both. (The reverse may be true too, I didn’t look.)


They’re both good if you’re in the right breeding path… and cons used to be better pre level 35+ towers


Last time a new tower came out, weren’t the details of it available by the CF post(s) before PG posted official announcements on the forum?
If this Earth Flak is coming out this event, we should expect some news on it tomorrow yeah? :t_rex:


There is one thing that makes me wonder:

What’s the point of releasing a new tower outside (right after) the respective event?

It’s like the new tier released during Kingdom Wars… Doesn’t make any sense…


There are people who’ll spend (or hack) outside of the events anyway.