Breeding event this Wednesday


Lumina and Rhyo



Gold legendaries are double breeds. You’ll need to spend two frags at a time. One for whale and one for the other that is being bred. So net net it’s not better value.

Edit: yes I suppose if they ignore cons and just go whale it is best value.


Whale + Basileus + Ferrox = 4 plat, ready for any of Red’s Sapphire path.


Kaiju -> Anapa. It’s going to be a pain to train Kaiju to breeding tho :roll_eyes:


This just remind me this comment:


Happy birthday!
Depending on one’s level, it will be easy using invader :wink:


I’m just excited to breed a dragon that I can only utilize about 60% of it’s power unless I want to throw 5 grand in pgs pocket


Thank you sir. At 137 now, how long you reckon that will take :thinking: I can put in a few wisdom runes and I know I can use that XP calculator, but its just too much work :grin:


I’m lucky if I get half a dragon :tired_face:


I know, my dragons are far too hungry to think about breeding shenanigans again lol!


I’m getting Renard, Kyrule and Gloomclaw. I might start on Pyrochis as well. Depends how far/close I am to the next prize.


Very possible in one event. Especially with good rider, wisdom rune, and mine bonus.


Yep. When I was younger, I put glitter in my friend’s windshield defrost vent after he got drunk and started a bar fight the night before.

We’re not friends anymore, and there may have been punches thrown :man_shrugging:


Finished Icicle last event. Uh, by end of event, I’ll have enough tokens to get Stormheim; the boosted token boost has created this bizarre situation where I can actually make meaningful progress in the game by playing it. :thinking: I may have gone slightly insane from this completely unfamiliar dynamic.

Anyway, I’m probably going to stop around Gloom or so, just because of leveling constraints. Will be getting Noctua three weeks later, in any case.


Sigh… If only this were true all the time. It’d be nice to see more meaningful rewards for time and effort spent playing :pensive:


Agreed… I"m going to be plugging along for the next 2 months with no visible progression. Partly my own fault, timers spent on primarch leveling have definitely held back my base development… I’m still wondering if the trade off was worth it.


:thinking: how many tokens per day a active player can grind? How many you get?


How many is possible? A ton. Especially with the current bonus running.


In my case. 100% bonus + elite account :thinking: garnet missions


Supposed to breed my 2nd Obsidian dragon but with the recent change I only have 67k f’n tokens!

The ol days of having enough at the beginning & and all event achievement tokens & tokens/frags in gold chests to be saved for 2nd dragon are long gone! :roll_eyes: