Breeding event this Wednesday


I have emerald missions… I’ve been running about 20k a day. But I dont’ have ruby issues and I’ll likely burn out, but I only have to do it for another four weeks :rofl:


I used to grind like that. But now I’m breeding dragons I cant even hatch for another 20 levels :man_shrugging:


wait till you hit 300


Do I look like a waiter?


Maybe at a really nice restaurant.


Last event you finished Icicle…Now this event you’ll have enough to finish Stormheim?

What is that 500-600k tokens? You are basically going through the entire emerald tier in one breeding event?
From Mythic Garnet to finishing EmerLd mythic the very next event.
Maybe I’m missing something.


Yep I’m breeding harb this event but I’m 47 levels from 300… looking forward to pounding research eggs out LoL


No, actually you understand the situation perfectly; it’s about 500k tokens.


Dragon XP is my main constraint.


In other news…

@Tinsir hasn’t yet noticed that his girlfriend stopped calling him.

Also his laundry needs to be done.


Well…Nicely done! :clap:

At this pace you should hatch your first Vanguard next breeding event? :crazy_face:


It’s all grind tolerance. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, that and healing potions.


If you really really really wanted it … use rubies to transfer the xp from an expert dragon. :gem:


But that’s such a bad value!! :cold_sweat: :t_rex:


Hence the triple really :grin:


10k token a day with 250% boost, not an heavy grinder thought🤨


See now being able to do that kind of progress would probably keep me interested in the game longer. The brief time I had the 250% bonus when they gave it to me accidentally it felt like my time was actually well spent; I’m not the type to think spending hours grinding for little results is a good use of my time lol.


Clearing the entire emerald tier in one breeding event?
500k tokens over a 20 day span, 25k tokens per day every single day?
That isn’t a hard grinder?

If I was to do a fraction of that daily/weekly I would have quit this game years ago!


Its up to you how fast you want progress. 250k token every 3 weeks is easy to do, 500k means the game is your full time job🤨


Kyrule only after a lil bit of experimenting … :face_with_head_bandage:

It was Kyrule and Gloomclaw at first but I speed up Ferga’s incubation this weekend, did a lil power leveling , and THE GAME TOTALLY SUCKED! :sob::sob::sob:

One dragon per event is much more enjoyable. :innocent:


Idk it might be possible to get that many tokens…
I dont have the token bonus…
I had 0 after last event… and was in plat 3 team… minimal atlas rewards…
And still grinded out 140k…

So maybe 500 is doable… good job though.the :+1: