Breeding event token calculator

Hello everyone,

Here is something I created for the breeding event, something to calculate the amount of Egg Tokens you need to reach the next reward tier.

I hope it will help you guys out :slight_smile:


You need to update the share preferences :joy:

I don’t know the setting options off the top of my head, but to protect the doc and have everyone first viewing what you want them to (whether it be blank, examples, etc) it’s best to have settings on something to the effect of ‘public but only the owner can edit’. That way people can view if they want to or make a copy if they’d like to edit and it won’t change anywhere else.

That might be a better idea yes, that way everyone can have their own version of it. I will update it to do exactly that.

Thanks for the tip

Just change the very end of your link from “/edit=…” To “/copy”


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I will do that, thanks you for the reply I havn’t actually used google spreadsheets a lot to share yet, I mostly use the normal excel so this is still new to me :blush:

Update: Edited some cells with extra colors for easy visual feedback and added some extra text explaining what they mean

Update: added points for mythic shards used aswell. I forgot those gave points so I didn’t include it in the sheet. It is now in there.

Even better would be the number of chests I must open (and money to be spent) to get the tokens I need - on second thought, I think I’m better off not knowing

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Fear no more, @mechengg made just the right sheet for you!


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