Breeding Event Update (Cosmetic Change Only) -- Discussion Thread


Hey everyone - please discuss the updates to the Breeding Event here. Thanks!

Link to the announcement: Breeding Event Update (Cosmetic Change Only)

Breeding Event Update (Cosmetic Change Only)

Makes sense, and also makes the numbers look less weirdly small compared to other events.
I’m sure it’ll confuse some people anyway but can’t see a downside to this one really.


I definately like the update to this. Especially with the tier discounting. Yes, we still got the same number of tokens spent to get the same prizes, but it feels like now that we get more “bang for our buck” so to speak if we are in the tiers that are discounted, since 1 breeding token now equals 1 point instead of 20 tokens equaling 1 point.


Surely, this is the most important thing going on with the game right now. Absolutely, 100% spot on.

I mean, yeah, it makes more sense, but STILL…


Now if only the breeding discount meant anything anymore with the recent change aha.


Different teams do different things, try and remember that


I like this, no more people asking how many tokens they need to spend to get certain point achievements :joy: this is more seamless


I like this idea too. Better organized.


This was something I’ve been thinking about and I think this change is a good one. Cool. :t_rex:


Multiply it by 10K :thinking:


OMG. I just can’t even begin to express my skepticism.


@PGChocolate @PGCrisis , Just want to make sure.
Mystic fragment and ruby breeding are scaled as well right? (Not that I’ll do the ruby one)


Yes that’s correct.

Mystic fragment = 400 points

1,500 rubies spent = 600 points


Excellent. thank you for making numbers look a lot less weird.


This is amazing! Another step in the right direction, PG!


When they do something good it helps to recognize that. It doesn’t mean we’re any less up in arms about the stuff we’re unhappy about. It simply means we’re grown ass adults that can recognize and reward positive changes and behavior at the same time we try to correct bad/negative changes and behavior. Don’t hate on everyone for agreeing that this small change is a good one. We’re the same group raising hell in the other thread about the fact that their one concession to the cadence changes isn’t enough to make it okay. Your anger is misplaced.


Well, this is a small improvement, but an improvement nonetheless. It’s not what we were looking for, and it’s far from enough to make up for the other issues that have been intentionally and unintentionally introduced, but it’s a slight, positive, simplification.

So…kudos, I suppose.


Does this mean it’s easier to get 500 sigils points achivement? Yay!


Lol. Someone didn’t like my flag.


No. They adjusted costs of each prize as well. My best guess is they pushed out some code with wonky math to meet the progression rate change deadline and now went back to make sure it is readable and 100% functional (I can dream). When they figured out it was weird they had to fix it.