Breeding Event Update (Cosmetic Change Only) -- Discussion Thread


Oh, none of them. I don’t in the least forgive them for all the problems they’ve caused, and are continuing to cause. I’m simply acknowledging that this particular change is, technically, not a bad one.

Except of course that it distracts from the disastrous problems that they’ve caused with the 4.8 update, and now the cadence changes. Oh, and the problems with ever-increasing season costs. Can’t forget that issue either.


So then, what used to be the 1.9K event points prize with 200 sigils will now be 28.5K?

Edit: pulled from breeding event now :rofl:


I am just concerned about the distractions.


Should be whatever the points required previously multiplied by 20


It’d need to be multiplied by 15 to account for the 25% discount.


No worries, and I don’t know why the heck someone is flagging all your posts. Now the poor mods have to go thru all the flags. I see nothing wrong with what you’ve posted, I just think we need to focus our anger on what they need to change, not rail at the world. I agree that PG has screwed up royally in the past few weeks, and that this unfortunately fits their track record. On the other hand, I think this particular change here makes sense and is a good change and we need to communicate that sort of thing to PG as well.


Yes. It’s old points multiplied by 20 multiplied by 0.75. Hope this clears things up!


This is incorrect. You have had other posts flagged by community members before today. This isn’t some thing that popped up today. Please take the off-topic theorizing about your flags somewhere else.


Nice title! Where can I get one?


How is this a slap in the face? They are changing the reward value of breeding tokens and scaling prize teirs to match. It will make zero difference to our play and rewards and yet they listened and are giving us a heads up so we don’t freak out. The change makes sense and I appreciate the communication. I see no slap in the face here.
If you’re referring to the 25% prize scaling in the other thread then please read my posts there where I did not thank them for making the change. … Although it’s a good idea as they didn’t have to. It’s their game after all.


My mistake. I apologize. I was reacting to the wrong change.


Please stay on topic. There are other threads where event cadence conversations are occuring.


So can you post the details of Breeding and Fort events prizing here?
(In my understanding it will be increased?)


Done correctly, it’ll mathematically be the same prizing with the same amount of tokens spent, just “feel better”


I wont hold my breath until I actually saw it. This are all words coming from them. Also there is always a twist in every “positive change” they made. We are fools if we believe that the “positive change” is done for the benefit of us players. Its always they give you the right hand, but they would take your whole body.


Is it also possible to get a bigger prize line like pvp just wondering


Ita a step to the logical :vulcan_salute:
Well done.

But … y’got a long road ahead PG! Please don’t think you’re off the hook yet :rofl:


This is a positive change


Apple will hear that the community has flagged your forum post on a website that is independent of the app apple supports? Why would apple, or anyone really, care?


Three weeks ago today we had the last breeding event. I like many others have the egg bonus and we where not receiving our payouts. After 4 of 5 tickets to the help desk I was finally told that PG was aware of the issue and not able to fix it during the event. They went on to say the issue was global and would be fixed in the 4.8 update. Additionally I was told we would be compensated for the eggs we did not receive because of the bug.

Weekly I have asked about this and still getting the run around, When can we expect to get the thousands of eggs[quote=“PGCrisis, post:1, topic:71881, full:true”]
Hey everyone - please discuss the updates to the Breeding Event here. Thanks!

Link to the announcement: Breeding Event Update (Cosmetic Change Only)

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