Breeding Event Update (Cosmetic Change Only)


Hey everyone,

We wanted to provide you with some more information on the upcoming Breeding event this week. We want to ensure that this message is delivered today, with enough time before tomorrow’s event, so we decided to post this now. We also plan on sending an in-game mail out to the player base at large about this.

Please note that the updates below are not related to the Event Cadence Changes posted in the Announcement and Discussion categories. The point requirements will continue to receive a 25% reduction as mentioned in the latest update to those threads.

In addition to the 25% decrease in point thresholds for Breeding and Fortification events, we will be rolling out a purely cosmetic change to Breeding events that does not impact the event in any way. All prize tiers and points earned in the event will be multiplied by 20 compared to previous Breeding events in order to deal with a technical issue arising from tier-based discounting. The reason we have to implement this change is because tier-based discounting was causing inconsistencies in the way points were calculated. For example, in Sapphire tiers, players now only need to spend 14 tokens to breed once, but we cannot reward 0.7 points for the use of these tokens (we cannot award fractions of points).

To make the math easier to calculate, we have changed the system such that spending 1 breeding token = 1 point in the event. This means players will earn 20x points they would have in the old system. Note that we have scaled the prize tier thresholds accordingly as well. With this change, players should receive the same amount of prizes for the same number of actions in the old system.

Please see below for updated token to point ratios:

As mentioned above, this will be a purely cosmetic change that will not affect the way points are ultimately calculated for the Breeding event. The token:point ratio will remain unchanged through these updates!

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Breeding Event Update (Cosmetic Change Only) -- Discussion Thread
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Breeding Event Update (Cosmetic Change Only) -- Discussion Thread
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