Breeding events

Is there ever going to be another breeding event?

Probably in 2 more weeks. The cycle of events is typically Fortification, PVP, Breeding, PVP, then back to Fortification.

Feeding events are now once a season and have typically taken the place of a PVP event.


always like no surprises :joy:

My guess is we will see it, in two, maybe three weeks.
Fortification: This week
PvP: Next Week
Breeding: Following Week (Start of Summer Season)
Feeding: Second week of Summer Season.

Edit: because I can’t read. Breeding rhymes with Feeding.

Do you think PG will start the next season with a breeding event? Or will they be gutsy and start with another feeding event? They’ve been pretty regular these past few seasons, and a feeding event would be a perfect excuse reason to push the event schedule back, giving them more time to work on their “new” events

Definitely breeding. @Rexaandel
Feeding only replaces a PVP event…Fort & Breeding always hit the same like clock work :+1:

“Definitely breeding”?
At the start of springveil season they started with feeding and said they would do so again.
So seems more likely it will be Fort - Pvp - Feeding (start of summer) - Breeding :blush:

Busy, busy…
Need to speedhatch Necura… (changed plan since I can’t reach 108…

We had one like 2 events ago??

That doesn’t make sense progressively though. After a fort means you’ve uncapped some drags, after a breeding means you have new drags to feed + possibly uncapped some divines.
Feeding after breeding follows natural progression and historical precedent of replacing a pvp.
Feeding following this fort is also possible, but just more likely it’ll be in the new season.

I know it does not make sense. Personally would love a pvp instead of feeding in the first 2 weeks of the season, to open chests during pvp to get the discount line.
I’m just saying what PG said, that they would start every season with a feeding event. And as pvp is next week, that would mean breeding has to be the second week of summer.

This isn’t true, feeding has been inserted between a pvp and resource event before. That’s one of the reasons I was asking.

No. There will never be another breeding event. PG has decided that dragons are stupid. Henceforth, we will have only growing events, because the game’s new name is going to be War Potatoes.


Is that the one where you get points for watering your phone/tablet?


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