Breeding faster

Since breeding is requiring higher tokens , now it is 520k tokens for Abyssal Mythic, we should be able to either have it automatically deduct the tokens from the balance available or we have the option to enter the number of tokens to apply rather than the current method which is slow and boring

Take a moment to search and read the forums before posting and you’ll see that not only has this been asked/brought up before, but also answered. They are working on a way to speed up the breeding process.

Not even 2 days ago! Breeding, why should we watch the process?!

And here is the post saying they are planning to release something called ‘instant breed’


So you want a quickie?


Quickies can be good.

You can just simply join any banner and leave the breeding view.
Breeding will continue in background as you can see on your decreasing number of tokens and increasing number of egg fragments in incubator.

The background breeding stops if a new egg finished or your bloody app crashes (no comments here)…

That’s true. But the problem with using that neat little exploit is that even if the egg is finished being bred, it will continue draining your tokens until you have none left or if you stop it

It continues until whatever you started breeding finishes. Don’t use it if you aren’t planning on either draining yourself, or finishing it. Quite simple, you can also monitor it in the incubator how many drags have been used, and you can just keep an eye on your egg tokens


It perfectly worked for me for both mythics without running down to zero

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