Breeding, Feeding, Building Events - making them work

The big trouble with the breeding event is that it’s over 5 minutes after it starts. I had 85k tokens this time and I ran through them in minutes. Then… nothing. I suggested that PG issue superchests containing decently usable amounts of tokens, say a 1 in 100 chance of containing 1,000 tokens, a 1 in 500 chance of containing 5k tokens and a 1 in 1000 chance of containing 10k tokens. And maybe a super-super 1 in 10,000 chance of containing a whopping 100k of tokens.
After all, tokens are worth nothing to make and non transferable. That would extend the breeding season lol

That same idea could be incorporated into both the Feeding Frenzy and the Building Event with chests loaded with food and wood respectively.
It would get people out, doing attacks instead of sitting around grumbling that the Event sucks and they wish it was over!

PG thought it was a fabulous idea, but I needed to get forum support for such a change… rubbish. But there it is… what do you think of that?


If PG were smarter it should have created super token chests by now. It will sell out particularly due to the sapphire wall.


I’m just Gold, I don’t know what a Sapphire Wall is. There’s a different world up there, I’m told.


The sapphire wall is when breeding one dragon costs 125k tokens minimum.

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I guess we need a super-super-super Chest then lol…

Or… maybe a modifier that takes into account what level/tier the player is on and gives them the prize according to their needs at that time!

Such as a base number multiplied by their level like… 1k x level.

A lvl 60 would open the chest to find 6k / 12k / 24k / 48k
And a lvl 160 would open the same for 16k / 32k / 64k / 128k


Supported #awesome make it happen!

Gold chests need to scale. Missions need to scale.


That sums it up, yeah :relaxed::hugs:

I may be wrong, but I think Missions do scale to some extent. You will always be asked to do a task within your capabilities. ie:- a level 25 will not be tasked to destroy 8 Dark Flak Towers but he might be tasked with destroying 6 cannons; whereas a level 75 might be tasked to destroy 60 cannons.

But I think you actually mean the rewards and there, you are quite right. No prizes or rewards seem to be sensible after you pass 60/70. On the one hand I’m asked to supply 45,000 tokens to get one egg and on the other hand, the daily prize is 200 tokens. And, yes, I know, it gets worse, Worse and WORSE the higher you get.

Lol it is not about scaling mission difficulty but scaling mission payouts!
Isn’t it normal that when mission is more difficult, you need more payout of tokens! That is what Spark is talking about.


Think you are wrong. Breeding for me last pretty much the whole weekend and for more ppl on my team. And I am breeding Garnet and sapphire so still hitting the sapphire wall. I can usually breed one dragon at the start of the event and I can then breed a second near the end of the event when the first one has become breedable. Just have to have a good breeding path and plan ahead. Also with just 2 days of breeding you are limiting lower levels who can breed more than 1 dragon a time. Keep thinking of them as well not just those that hit sapphire wall.

Trough I do think breeding and feeding should be combined into one effent working at the same time so not to limit longer breeders.

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They could reduce the mission wait times in half for breeding event.something I got to pondering about ths go around…

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I’m talking about the missiok payout not difficulty. The difficulty (different towers and amounts) are already scaled. For example, a lvl 6 won’t have any flaks on their base, therefore if they get a flak mission they will have to attack lvl 45+. The tower missions (destroy 5 cannons ) are scaled based on lvl. Lumber loot missions are already scaled I think. Back to what I was talking about, for example, a lvl 10 can get 40 tokens from the first mission (elite)…this is 2 dragons in the red tier. And a lvl 300 gets the same amount…for the 300 it is so little but for the 10 the token payout is a lot. I understand that the higher u get, the more difficult it should get, but the saph wall is too great of a change.

They won’t get that mission, bc they don’t have any flaks on their base. It’s why you won’t get “kill x ballistas” missions bc you don’t (shouldn’t) have ballistas on your base.

Totally with you on the egg payouts scaling with builders hut.


I like your idea with those chests droppings. :+1:

That was what I was trying to explain. It is already done…a lvl 10 can’t get a flak mission :man_facepalming::joy:

Edit: Lol typo

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That’s just part of the canned answer response, even for bringing back old divines and various other suggestions. But yes, directly event related chests would be interesting, though probably insanely priced.


Don’t forget that several will be at least 200k each!

Its a nice idea. But heres the problem. You know if they do it, the cost will be at least as nuch as runic chests (1k rubies for 1 chest or 5k rubies for 10). With that being said, the big money spenders will jump on it. I would probably buy a 10 pack myself. Now the people that do buy them will start complaining about the price of them and not getting a ton of egg tokens from them. And the non spenders will start complaining that pg only cares about the spenders. So as much as i like the idea (i honestly think its great) it would be more hassle than its worth…

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Even small spenders would profit from it. It’s a real struggle getting 100-200k tokens between events.