Breeding for garnet drags

It’s breeding season and I have nothing to breed lol. I’m up to garnet.

Please help.

You need a breeding path, quick! Randomly breeding along is literally going to cost you millions of egg tokens more than needed.

Check out Red’s paths here, find out up to where you have all the dragons, and pick it up from there:


Morreion speaks sound truth. When I was in your shoes I also moved to a breeding path and it forever changes my gaming experience.

Highly recommended!


Hmm. Do you have a level 9 breeding caslte? Avalanche & Renard should be able to breed Gloomclaw if they’re leveled and the breeding castle is the right level. But you might be closer to Red’s A&A paths, in which case Gloomclaw would be a waste.

Look at the Sapphire-Emerald paths tab in the spreadsheet, which has multiple ways to get through Sapphire, Garnet, and Emerald dragons. Figure out which path you’re missing the fewest (or cheapest) dragons for, and breed those missing dragons. If you pick an A&A path, you’ll need Frostbiter (Frostbiter + Zaru are A&A’s parents). After figuring out what dragons you need to progress you can also check the “All Sapphire-Empyrean options” which gives a list of breeding pairs for each dragon – you might find your extra dragons will get you a discount somewhere over the parents the path recommends. There are several websites that also give parent pairs, including and


Please,please,please, if you do nothing else, heed @Morreion’s advice! It’s never too late.

If you want to get all dragons, Red’s special Pokemech breeding path is the best.


Always use Red’s :dragon_face:

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