Breeding glitch. Can’t use fragments for gold legendaries but can use them for previous tiers

So it seems the next event is breeding. However when I checked my fragment count to see what dragons I’ll be breeding I’ve run into what seems to be a glitch. My mystic fragments look like they are not available to use for gold legendaries despite having my dragons breedable yet they can be used for dragons in previous tiers I have no use or interest in? What’s up with this?

I think you need to have at least a 1/250 on that egg to use fragments


You need to use tokens on at least one fragment before you can use Mythic fragments.


And… @CheekyGrinch and @TheRedDelilah were both faster then me…


Ooooo!! I actually did not know that before. I got hella worried :sleepy: thank guys

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You need 1 fragment from egg tokens to be able to use mystic fragments.



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