Breeding glitch


@PGJared I was in the middle of breeding out Huaheset for breeding event when in the mix of everything my storage hut got instant finished with 10,621 rubies and I never received a confirmation to use this amount of rubies and the support I’m talking to wants to exchange rubies used for 22 days worth of speed up in my inventory instead of refunding due to this in game glitch. I had 18,018 rubies AFTER event prizes from what support has told me. Is there a way I can get my rubies back and keep what speed ups I have in my inventory?

Thank you


What’s your ticket number?


On a related topic, can you give us a cancel incubation option? I had accidentally put Xenox (or whatever the mythic emeralds hunter is) on the incubator yesterday. That was over a month worth of clocks wasted. I never wanted to hatch that thing. Additionally you can have that dragon back if I can get my clocks back? Stupid “go to incubator” button :disappointed:


My ticket number is 448070


I hate that button. When i want to get some dragon with more frags than byproduct dragon, it sure is irritating to see Go to incubator whenever byproduct dragon gets completed again and again. Its so irritating :confounded::exploding_head:


and if you dont have one incubating it does it automatically!!


You mean it uses rubies at the very second you touch go to incubator if your hatching facility is currently upgrading, without a warning window?


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