Breeding gold dragons

How long does it take for the, to hatch? Need Bander hatching but not sure if I have enough speed ups to finish incubator and him

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then you need to reduce based on research too :slight_smile:


Did he update incubation times? Last time I checked there was no info on incubation times.

Possibly missed the big text at the top eh?

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It wasn’t there before

I didn’t know this was a thing?

Is Bander and yersinu good dragons for level 63?

Then you could always refer back to Amoeba which has had the information for years

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Never used Amoeba either

They’re the best you can have; you’re progressing well on your breeding. Yersinu doesn’t have cloak, so he’s less useful than Ettin or any divine hunter. But he’s a step on the road to Whale. :+1:

Would breed whale next breeding (or half of him and cons) but I bred Bander and yersi at level 56 so I couldn’t incubate them in time to get them to breeding level for next event :frowning:

I’d suggest getting acquainted with these two websites. They both offer a plethora of information taken from the game for your use in planning out your breeding, fortification and other events.

Yep. You need the level 70 den upgrade to level Yersinu to 8 (breedable), but you should easily reach that in the next fort event.

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