Breeding guide suggestion



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Literally just google Reds master breeding guide and there is a forum post with a link to Red’s breeding guide google spreadsheet. Pretty intuitive from there on.


I’d say pick a path from and stick to it.


Yep that works too lol.


This is a huuuuge no no and very expensive. Click on my breeding guides and pick one that best suits you, and stick to it.


Although if she’s in garnet and several others around her level are obsidian, the one that says “cheapest” may be her best bet. Just an idea.

Edit: I’d also recommend searching for building guides too, just to make sure you understand the basics of base building. I highly recommend Coach’s or Mechengg’s. Just remember these were started before most of the flaks came out.


Garnet eggs are all earned by completing the icicle breed
Emerald eggs are typically from Deci breed IIRC but you don’t get all of them

What level are you btw?


Her “cheapest” path shouldn’t be suggested unless it’s for an alt or a whale :shushing_face: Her best path is so much better :wink:


Maybe. Garnet and emerald tier dragons suck, and it may just be better to get through it as quick as possible so she can catch up to the tier she should be in.

For the record, I have no idea what’s in the cheapest path, I just know the only good thing about garnet and emerald tier dragons is knowing that obsidians are after.


There’s your issue. Don’t Pokemon breed. Look up Red’s guides as some have already said.


My cheapest will also screw people in divines and sometimes builders hut eggs. It’s really not good for anyone unless they really know what they are doing. It’s also why I kept it private for so long.


Reds best breeding path is very helpful :hugs: have used it since when I first started the game and It works awesomely .


It’s also not that much cheaper :eyes::slight_smile: so any benefit you might get is pretty small


Fair enough, I’ve been corrected. To OP, do what she says. :point_up_2:

Edit: I don’t mean grumpybigbird, he’s a terrible woman. Follow Red.


I’ve only looked because the tab was there, when I started my alt. I even found a typo once or twice… :sweat_smile: But I preferred her best path and Mini is carefully following her intense check-in at lv45, so all is good :blush:


I could be great! You’ll never know…:eyes:


i`m 202 lvl


Morreion ive look into the link you show me but is so difficult .. i cant understand nothing ,


If it feels too complicated to choose I’d say just click on the second tab, the one that says “Red’s Best”.

Then simply start at the top, pass over all the dragons you already have, and take it from there. It might not be 100% the most efficient for a step or two depending on what you already have, but it will be close enough.