Breeding guides in : no response to forums feedbak

Yet another reminder on outdated content in “Official” website

This section “COMMUNITY CONTENT -> GUIDES” was last updated on May 2, 2016.
There are 3 posts in this guides page:

We understand that Twitch and mobcrush streaming guides may still be very helpful to those who want to stream.
But look at Breeding Guides…
Its been two years since then and three new tiers are released after the latest guide available in that post and this has been repeatedly brought to notice in forums.
Please either give a big warning on top of it that this section is Outdated or give a link to newer breeding guides whenever you release new lineage dragons and community creates paths.
Or rather remove the breeding guides section because it might make newer players take decisions which may delay their progress unknowingly.


They can’t even release any updates without a glitch, which is why I don’t expect them to be updated too on their official website.

The way they treat it also speaks a thousand words about how PG manages their affairs and schedules.

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