Breeding harbinger

What level do you need to be to breed a legendary harbinger dragon like estril?


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220 to breed, 280 to hatch - here’s some info on Estril, and overall it’s a great website for game info!


Thanks you I was unsure if I needed to get to level 280 this fort.

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It also takes a lot of wood to upgrade the incubator, around 1.6M I believe. It can be a stumbling block for a lot of players, so make sure you don’t neglect your storage!


Ya I just came to that realization I need to level it up from the 55 that I have it at right now to 81, I need to level it up by 15 this fort . It’s a storage leveling fort for me.


I made that mistake and took 2 or 3 storage forts for me :grimacing:


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