Breeding: hatching bores the life outta me

So you finally got your 275000 tokens to breed a mythic lizard…whoeyyy all good.
But why in name of Zeus do we have to watch our screens or leave our devices on desk for such a long time whilst little eggs appears on screen?
Ever heard of background tasks? These are useful when no participation whatsoever is required from the player, like when a dragon needs 10mns in Atlas to move between points, that does not stop you from doing something else that does not involve that dragon.
Whilst breeding takes place I could use that time to do quests or whatever else…

  • Fortification
  • Feeding
  • Breeding
  • Minor Event Strategy
  • Minor Event Feedback

I agree, breeding eggs is the worst. Although I dont think you should do it as a background task, but you should have a way to tell it breed more than 400 eggs at once. It would be great to have a UI that we could either say breed x number of times where x is any number from 1 to as many as your egg tokens will support, or else we could choose breed until 1 egg of a a new dragon is complete.

Once you press OK it should happen instantly and take you immediately to the results of that breeding, no waterfall of egg animations is required or desired.


When I started playing WD, there was no autobreeder. You had to click breed every time. So it could be worse. :rofl:

I agree though, something needs to be done. Took 25 minutes to breed Noc.


Being forced to micro-manage trivial things keeps you staring at the ingame screen for so much longer, opening up a chance for some advertising, game related or otherwise. PG hasn’t taken a full advantage of that yet…

But this being “the year of the gamer”, PG wise, I fully expect PG to throw in some halftime ads just to keep us entertained during the countdown.

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I’d be good if this just played the whole time :eyes:


Breeding gives me enough time to update the chest drop list :laughing:


as if this was biggest problem in the game lol , wouldn’t hurt if would if they change that tho

Personally, I trigger breeding when I am about to take a dump. Since I am not one of those people who feel compelled to stay online while having a bowel movement…

The essential part of the breeding event is more or less done by the time I am done with washing my hands. Then again, I am only lvl 200+. Might be different for others. :thinking:

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Probably taking snack and watching Netflix…
Or silencing the phone, doing breed, and continue working… etc

I play the game in silent mode anyway so I just let the iPad run where I can keep half an eye on it at my desk while it works on breeding the dragons for me :upside_down_face: Tuktu took forever :rofl:

Next event will be even longer :pleading_face: I’ll be getting Lusian if I hit lvl 400 during fort. (I managed to get Destar, Tuktu, and Valens this event :tada:)

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Anyways, the breeding countdown isn’t what bothers me. The incubation time is what bothers me - as if I didn’t have more urgent use for them scarce speedups. :japanese_ogre:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: Seems like general problem…

Congrats Liz…

Thanks! I hope I’ll have enough timers to get to 400, then to upgrade and speed up the incubator, and then to speed hatch Tuktu :rofl: I’ll let Valens cook for a week or so to save me a few timers. Oh, I’ll also need timers to speed up the rest of the breeding castle (once the next breeding event starts) otherwise Tuktu and Valens can’t have fun together :sweat_smile::rofl:


It takes you that long to make a poo?!! You should have a doctor check on that. :eyes:

Was aiming at a somewhat comedic way of drawing a comparison, instead of a precisely timed and measured fact of my habits. :scream:

But since you took it literally, I am forced to admit that English is my 2nd language. :yum:


Sorry it isn’t you lacking language skills, it is my inability to detect sarcasm/humor most times. :sweat_smile:

You can breed then shower or poop or rank up ML, that would be double kill if not legendary :man_shrugging:.

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This reminds me of

Honestly breeding should just allow you to input how many tokens total you want to use and just do it. The animation is a pure waste of everyone’s time.


Although I do find it oddly hypnotic :eyes:


I just look for my next set of memes while breeding or watch youtube.
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