Breeding hidden dragons


We will help you breed hidden dragons in the game!




Hidden?, define hidden


A hidden dragon you can breed is Dodo! The parents are Etzel and Hext go to breeding and select them they require 50 fragments


Harder to find dragons like Omarr


Not really hidden but ok you do you


Oh ok. If anyone here is a completionist - ie must have every dragon in the game, continue to follow the thread.

However if you want to progress further in the game i.e. get the best dragons you can. then please follow the breeding paths posted by Red and Superman and ignore all other superfluous dragons such as Dodo. It is useless, wastes tokens and a total waste of time.

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Omarr’s Pair would be Kinnaraku and Frigg Ext


Dodo, Dodopyrr, and Donivalis are only available when PG announces it during a breeding event. They won’t announce it in advance. Outside of the currently available season dragons in the divine tab, the others are no longer available; there are already been numerous other threads regarding bringing them back, but there aren’t immediate plans to do so.

@Psarus another one


How ever finding best dragons and helpful guides you are better of asking red




Thread topic and original post too vague, closing.