Breeding is the 2nd event this Winter. Mythic Much?

Here you go good folks. Breeding. Who will finish their Mythic this week? Post here.

Follow along if you like these posters and more.

Another week, another Christmas movie poster! This week we have some breeding... and no puns in these credits, just my lame attempt at some Seussian inspired writing... Abyssal mythics this week so come back tomorrow for a look at the spells and whatnot @WarDragonsGame

— Paladin Patrick (@pqhiggins) December 9, 2019

Going to get valens and then backbreed oni to replace mehatten on my perch. Then I have to save up 325k tokens for next breed to get lusian. :man_facepalming:

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not sure what im gonna breed… :frowning: the pdf doesn’t interest me. q.q

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Love the poster as always!

No breeding for me this week :frowning:

I don’t expect to be lucky enough with my 2 Abysals legend… so will get one shitty legendary dragon and wait another month of two. Anyway on 442 would not use their full power and looking on spells I don’t feel like I will be missing something…Breeding once so exciting will get most boring event now.

Going to super breed and hatch Deci in the event. First emerald dragon! I’m super close to catching back up on my breeding.


Who is the easiest emerald dragon to breed/obtain

Finishing mythic. Not abyssal though.

Can breed more Empyreans but that will be second and third useless Empyrean eggs as I still can’t hatch them :laughing:
So I decided I go back into Vanguard and have fun with Itzani maybe.

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In my opinion, not sure. Deci was the easiest one for me to unlock for breeding first. But honestly, it might depend on what breeding path and guide you’re using.

I will breed 1 mythic

Lusian :joy::sweat_smile::grimacing:

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The easiest path

Breeding my first Abyssal legendary. I was going to do Oculex and was hoping the mythic hunter would use either both hunters or Bilge. Now I guess to work towards a mythic I’ll have to go after the sorcerer instead :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Same boat as you. But I have no intention to spend 520k tokens on a Mythic.

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520k tokens. Lol. I will breed one mythic Abyssal this event. That will be it for a while. Takes too long to save up that many egg tokens.


yes it would take a long time, even if you grind it will still take ages.

are the breeding pairs for the mythic abyssals already known ? and the backbreeds?

Nope not yet. We will know on Wednesday I guess? Had to guess at which 3 legendaries to breed. Hopefully I guessed right. :). Not sure I’ll breed more than one Mythic Abyssal.

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I’m breeding Icicle this event for sure but not sure what i will do next to hit tge 116k point mark :thinking:

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Grind :smiling_imp:.
On serious note, train Icicle, and breed your Emerald.

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1 of the new mytics, still dont know which cause no parents yet :man_shrugging: