Breeding leg verdants - Tokens Vs frags

Hey there.

I have hoarded a good amount of eggs and tokens for going verdant and will be breeding 2 legendaries today. Anyone knows what’s a good ratio between using eggs and frags? I was thinking on getting one with only eggs and then load the max frags on the second, possibly less to adjust points to final prize.

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Most important way to get best use of frags is to use them when you get a very low breed rate. (Around 10%)…

But only those close to end tier can get it that low… but in general use them when the percentage is lowest possible (typically your highest tier mythic)

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I typically breed with tokens in batches of the research/hut egg that comes with the dragon I’m working towards… then when I get to a point that to finish the dragon I want would leave me with a partially finished hut/research egg (or start a second egg for the one I’m really wanting) I switch to frags… seems the most efficient use :woman_shrugging:


So far I’ve mostly used frags on mythics or just to fill the points gap. My thought was with reds path with the “fine to use” or “ok to use”. Thanks for the input!

Is this correct at max with 125% boost?

I get 77 for abyssal and 75 was for emperyan with 125% boost, so that seems right.

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