Breeding matrix. It's just me or

Is it just me, or some dragons’ breeding parents are weird (from non backbreed perspective).
This is from Sapphire matrix only.

  • Gorgonus (hunter) = warrior + warrior
  • Iteru (sorcerer) = hunter + warrior
  • Scorchil (warrior) = hunter + sorcerer
  • Sekhem (hunter) = sorcerer + sorcerer
  • Apophet (sorcerer) = warrior + hunter
  • Hauheset (hunter) = warrior + sorcerer
  • Mehaten (warrior) = sorcerer + hunter

It’s just you

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Too much thinking :exploding_head:


Close this please, unnecessary :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s completely consistent with the general design aesthetic of making you take a near-completionist, semi-OCD tour of a bunch of shitty expensive dragons no one wants. “Hey, I really want a great hunter” “Well we can help you out, first get two things that are the polar opposite of what you said you wanted.”


It took me a few tries to understand your post :joy::joy: It’s too early here and my reading comprehension isn’t up to par yet.

I sort of zeroed in on this part, not grasping the entire meaning of the sentence at first. So I was shocked considering that Hau was one of the dragons in the list with the “polar opposite partners” category :laughing: For a few moments there I thought you were talking about Hau, not the parents of the dragons listed :joy::joy:

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I like it when you use a dragon and get its own egg in the process of breeding another. Like being my own grandpa. Little incestuous beasts.



This is called the off-topic category for a reason. Also I agree with Grumpy you are thinking way to much

Breeding path options confuse the hell out of me. I’d rather have to debug something instead, so I just imagine a very large dartboard with options for which parent it’ll be :see_no_evil:

The whole breeding system is weird

You breed dragons together to get pieces of eggs, which you can put together to make a whole egg which can somehow produce a dragon after incubation. So like, are they solid pieces, like some sort of giant 3D puzzle? Or is it just the shell? And, if it is the shell, then where the heck is the dragon coming from. You’re just lighting an empty egg that you put together on fire and a dragon just magically pops out of it, fully grown too. None of that baby or child nonsense.


I love how you can start breeding with one set of parents and finish breeding with a different set. Sometimes even throwing three sets in the mix. Can you imagine how screwed up that baby drags mental health is.


I think @PoseidonPQ said it best with this:


Does it help if you think about it as how many times your mamma and papa drags need to “git wit it”?

Not really, for the same reasons AnointedSon pointed out

It almost seems like the dragons are entirely mechanical, like they’re built instead of bred

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The thing that’s really confusing is any pairing that involves A&A… that’s a dragon threesome :laughing: Makes me wonder how that all works out :joy:



Now THAT would be fun! Instead of egg fragments, you build your dragon piece by piece in the dragon’s den… like a thousand piece puzzle for those end-tier mythics! :joy::grin: :t_rex:

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Don’t give them any ideas…

I think “egg tokens” are really just dragon Viagra…


I just thought the exact same thing lmao :see_no_evil: