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I searched this before creating it and found nothing. If this is a repeat request then I apologize profusely.

Is there a way to change the mechanics of new breeds that would eliminate the 20 minutes required to breed a dragon? Here is what I mean:

You want to breed dragon A. It will require 175k egg tokens. This currently takes roughly 20 minutes after hitting autobreed. In this process you’re also gathering other eggs; dragon B, C, and so on.

It would be fantastic if you could select an option that would state:

~You are about to breed dragon A. This will consume 175k egg tokens. You will also receive (x) dragon B eggs, (x) dragon C eggs, etc…

~Since you are doing this during the breeding event you will receive (x) event points.

Then, all you do is agree by hitting the button, incubate your dragon (if you’re so inclined to do so right away), then go collect your goodies from the event.

Is this possible? Thoughts? Concerns?

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What if I want to stop breeding at a point before I can actually incubate the dragon? :x

But a nice idea, if this can be added as an additional option.


This has actually been asked before but I can’t think of the proper search terms to pull the relevant threads from the depths of the forums right now. I think something along the lines of “faster breeding” might work.


Well to be honest I kinda like having to wait a while for each breed to complete. It gives me the satisfaction of actually having that many breeding tokens and far enough progression for me to have to wait for it finish breeding. That’s just me tho.

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What I do, after I hit breeding, I get into shower.


They need to make sure that the breeding event lasts more than 10s

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That’s for you to plan.

I personally find it a good time to regroup and reorganize my plans for the next few events.


I typically use multitasking and browse the forums while the breeding runs its course :joy:


if this is how you approach breeding I feel the women in your life have been few and unsatisfied


on the one hand I totally agree with you.
The Breeding menu is old and from those times when Gold Dragons cost 100k tokens and it was an unbelivable high amount.

on the other hand: the breeding event lasts around 5 days… at least I “enjoy” my 30 mins of waiting for one dragon now INSTEAD of having this event done in seconds?

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I’m pretty sure this comment was made the last time someone created a post about this topic.

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Thought this was familiar:

It was @BUGALL0N both times :laughing:


I light some candles, pour some wine, blast Kenny G, and watch… :grimacing:


You’re watching Bug in the shower? :scream:

I hope that there was consent! :relaxed:

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Clarification: I was in Bug’s home lighting Bug’s candles, drinking Bug’s wine, playing Bug’s music, and watching Bug’s dragons while Bug was in the shower.

Do I still need consent?


It does raises a few questions

  • Are you previous acquaintances?
  • Did Bug know you were there?

Also this has been one of the most amusing off-topic conversations I’ve had so thank you! :laughing:

edit: I’m hoping bug comes back with something like “I wondered where my wine went” or “I’ve told you that you the restraining order says 250 yards!”




Something to note is that dragons are not guaranteed to cost X amount. Sandburg, and thus my paths, are the most likely outcome given the % drop for each frag and the number of fragments required.

Otherwise, I would love for autobreed to go a bit faster, but not instant.


We’ve crossed paths on the forums.

You’ll have to be more specific…

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