Breeding Obsidian, should I push further or not?

I need about 33k tokens to finish Deci, then 79k for Noctua and 77k for Lumina, which neatly brings me to 189k points for this event. I have enough tokens for it all (204k), but also a comfortable stash of almost 500 mystic frags.
I’m going for Rhyo 2 path so I can get Obsidian eggs for hut earlier by breeding Wraith 2 extra times.

My questions are:

a) Should I push for Archimera and get it 2/3 done, for 254k points using 204k tokens and 125 mystic frags (used on Noc/Lum breed, not for Archimera)?
(+10k tokens leftovers from event prizes)

b) Should I complete Archimera by spending 100 more frags then something like 14-15k tokens for a few research eggs/backbreeds to get to 294k pts?

c) Should I stop after Noc and Lum to have some leftover tokens for next breed and a better goal overall?

I’m trying to improve my season planning while upping my game. Open to serious suggestions.

(I have the token boost for the second season only and not a hardcore grinder, but I’m try to get better).


I personally always go the max in everything but… if your not hardcore… I’d see where i was at with my prizes and decide from there ! You deff wanna make sure your getting that 450 + sigil marker… to me that is more important then the lineage dragons that you will shelf b4 you can turn around and say war dragons backwards…

snogard raw just fyi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whoops just seen there u said you had enough for the 254k points (500sigil prize) I’d stop there and save those tokens!


There’s nothing wrong with keeping some tokens for next breed. For me the main reason to squeeze more dragons into a breed is when it unlocks builder hut upgrades I need. But I don’t think you need Archimera for that, so I’d just let Lumina incubate in natural time to save some timers and save up the egg tokens for next breed.

edit: saving 215k tokens for the next breed myself :grin: if I burn them all now I’ll have a half-finished dragon (waste of incubator time), and won’t have much to breed next time. I’m at the point where fort timers are the real bottle-neck now.


My hut is 31 and I have 2 Emerald eggs. So I actually need 6 more Emerald eggs to cap the Builder hut (until Obsidian eggs), which I will only get if I breed part of Archimera :thinking:

I guess I’m going all out this breeding with option a) and just settle on a casual 116k pts the next Breeding :hugs:

I’m in a similar dilemma :sweat_smile: can breed arch then rhyo but will need to decide whether to speed up rhyo to unlock my divines to mythic obs :thinking:

Ah you’re on a different path I guess. In that case I would definitely recommend getting Archimera, at least up to the 6 eggs. Don’t forget it’s quite easy to gather 30-40k egg tokens during the event as well to push a bit farther. Save the fragments until the end to round out your score to the next step.

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Red’s breeding path says it is “poor to use” mystic frags on Arch but “fine to use” on Noc and Lum since it’s only a few garnet eggs and one emerald egg, so I was planning to use the fragments on these breeds then save whatever I farm during this breeding for next month :thinking:

As long as I also get A&A with their breeds too, cause I want to finally fly the twins! :laughing:

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Lord that’s been so long ago I forgot what it was like to fly A/A

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Well once you have your builder hut eggs it’s much less of an issue, but surely “poor to use” before that. On the other hand, we do have garnet research now, and no emerald research, so perhaps those garnet eggs are actually relatively interesting now…

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If I have to get all breeds and breeding eggs with tokens I’ll need to get about 20k during the event, which is very easy, so I guess I could use the mystic frags last indeed :grin:

I think that’s worth it to get an edge next pvp. I’ll definitely try to do it next month personally :wink:

Resumes to more planning…

Edit: after more planning I realized I need plenty of grinding if I don’t want to use more than half of my leftover mystic frags next month… Guess I won’t be too bored this event and the following month :laughing:

Yes!!! Finally! :heart_eyes:


What is the link to reds page, for breeding paths thanks.


Closed, thanks for replying to my questions!