Breeding Ochre not available

I have a Question about breeding Ochre. Is Ochre gone from the Breeding List or is The Amarok X Durga Combo not working anymore. I have reinstalled the game and restarted it numerous times but that doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore. Please reply.

It’s not breedable any longer.

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Welcome to the forums! Please use the search function to find out about ochre the dragon. Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually I have searched. But not getting any new topic or reply after July 2018. So thought about creating a post 'bout it.

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Thanks for welcoming me!:grin:

That dragon was only available once, and a total failure, an absolute embarrassment. Getting the evolution stones for Ember’s big, bulky brother could have used some re-thinking, but that’s history.



You’re one and half year too late :laughing:

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He is not bad for temple raid

What exactly do you mean its not breedable anymore.
Cross breeding Amarok and durga does nothing?
Would it be pointless for me to try and breed ochre.

It would be, yes

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Did you try breeding ochre.?

IIRC, he’s available only during Fall’17.
The evolution stones are the prizes of (1st?) Team achievement

The evo stones were the even prizes of the newly introduced Team Achievements. The main argument back then was that the team who can reach TA8 will NOT use the dragon, Those, who could/wanted to use it, had no chance of getting the stones.


tl;dr. The dragon is useless eitherway.


Let’s close this thread with a quote from myself: