Breeding path change

Hi forum folks,

I am confused about my breeding path. I am on seraph L in reds path. Almost 3/4 of the way on bilge.

I had heard whispers and mentions of hunter and sorcerer path from lurking in forums. I deviated from reds recommended path to get higher in tier around harb or vanguard i think.

Didn’t want itsani or lusian since they were outdated by the time i got to those tiers, so chose the lowest egg tokens path. In empyrean i got seraph first. In abyssal have orthoptar and marlis, and almost done with bilge as I mentioned above.

I am a hunter flyer primarily, so would like to get on hunter path with least expenditure of tokens.

Can anyone suggest an alternate path for me ?

PS: i have archon cooking as a byproduct of breeding bilge. It will be finished by the time breed starts

Looks like you would be on step 5 of Lusian L #1 on the Abyssal-Eldrich Path Tab.

Yes and that would end with me getting ladron and daegon no… ? I am looking to move to brutus (isn’t that the hunter with bladestorm?) or whatever hunter path there may be :hugs:

Or eventually getting on hunter mythic path in verdant or higher is also good. Being dumb I haven’t yet figured out the breeding decks even though i got to abyssal :grin:

mordred is the hunter… lusian is the hunter path.


Thank you… thst path I wanna go, if possible mordred

Going to have to pokemon your way over I think… you actually need to be on Lusian M.

Thats … hard… any other solutions ? Backbreeding from eldritch or verdant? Maybe future tiers? Or can someone explain the breeding deck secrets for a dummy?

No one else thought getting itzani and lusician a couple of years after release is a bad call? Especially when abyssal and eldritch token costs are through the roof ?

The isssue is that you changed lanes to save tokens but to change back it costs more… just have to spend what you saved.

Alternately you could keep going and look at a back breed for mordred but you’ll still have to switch and it’ll ultimately cost you tokens.


i dont think you need back breed, i didn’t i breeding Medusya now, you will get Lucian when breeding Marlis

Once you breed Ladron/Daegon you can backbreed Lusian; then you’ll have to spend again for Medusys.

It’s not cheap, but it seems the most straightforward switch to that path from Abyssal tier.

This is what I’m contemplating doing.

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To those wanting to switch paths, do it as soon as possible, even if it’ll temporarily set you back. It’s cheaper switching early on due to tier based discounting than trying to switch later on.


I do not care about lineage dragons…so i just follow reds best on front page.


Way pay extra for dragons that will be benched. Line drags are garbage


Hau, Noc, Lokan, Itzani, Lusian, Medusys, and Mordred all disagree.

All dragons get benched eventually…


Tbh at “end game” line dragons are usable and sometimes quite good for a month or so. Mordred, lusion, itz, jorm, destar,mafic, storm. You can make arguments for others, such as. Balor, medisys, orthrocapor, carrion, etc. All somewhat usable and fun at times.

Are they great? Maybe! But they do change up the game and let you have some fun.


They can be decent if you get them when they’re new, but when you’re doing catch-up and flying through the tiers with a bunch of divine mythics available, the line dragons tend to be obsolete before you can even level them, even the good ones.


Do you really only have one eye? :pleading_face:

I don’t know about Bunny, but I know someone with one eye :eyes: (@FisheyEQ)