Breeding Path. Keep mine or change it to Hunters?

I have a dilemma and i would appreciate any advice.
Actually my breeding path is the cheapest and will bring me to Seraph (as 1st Mythic Empyrian) and Ladron (as 1st Mythic Abyssal). Don’t know about new tier but Probably I should reach Annelid and Vexa.
I have Methalex / Tuktu / Evakhet and I have to generate Seraph (Evakhet + Tuktu). Now, if I add 148k tokens to generate Valens, I can use it (Valens) to generate Lusian (instead of Seraph). And then continue towards Medusys etc …
What do I do ? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Stay on the cheap path. The abyssals aren’t very good dragons. Get through the tier faster to have strong divines and hope the new tier is better.


But I want Medusys so hard. I tried she on friend account and i loved she. x5 rage runes mixed with atk seems to works really really good.

My seraph path gives Medusys as the second mythic so you’ll still get it and save a few weeks of time to get through the tier compared to changing paths. Seraph L #2 on reds guide if you’re interested.

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I would like to jump as many Abyssal as possible.
Edit. To reach Ladron i need 2 or 3 Legendaries, right?

account sharing? :flushed::scream::scream::scream:

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How did you tried it?

Oops :speak_no_evil: someone is in trouble :joy:

“I tried she… I loved she” LOL :joy::joy::joy::joy: ; Also, as they’ve said above, account sharing can get you banned from the game. That’s how Harvinator, the former highest level in the game (level 647) got banned. He shared his account with a friend and they found out and they banned him. I wouldn’t recommend letting your friend share his or her account with you, because it could get both of you in some trouble. Nothing may not happen for a while, but it’s bound to at anytime :man_shrugging:t4:

It could be a RL friend just handing over a phone for a run you know… That’s perfectly fine still.


TBH, until PG makes a way for us to try dragons before buying them, I’m all for people checking dragons out on friend’s games. Account sharing be damned!


Since when is it forbidden to play on the phone of a friend who lives in my street?
As usual everyone concentrates on their unfounded assumptions and completely forgets the thread topic.


Account sharing has always been against tos. So it aint exactly an assumption, bud.

Without saying so out loud, pg wouldnt be able to figure out especially if u n ur buddy live close by.

But it wasnt pg who figured it out or has to figure out… as u just bluntly said that u played on ur buddy’s acc. :man_facepalming:t2:

But that isnt exactly the biggest one pg cares. So u can probably move along without having to worry about bans for ur buddy.

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