Breeding paths Arcanum - Backbreeding inclusive

Hello all.

I have added the new Legendary Dragons to the breeding plan, plus backbreedings to the Verdant Mystic Dragons.
So it is possible to breed the 6 new legendary plus Garnath and Lupin for 1.375.337 tokens from Sylvix.



Thanks a lot for your file. Is it me or did they screw up people on sorcerer path (Lupin) who eventually wanted to change path? Unlike other pathes, it looks like they have to pay a full price to change unlike people on warrior/hunter path.

The path from Lupin is more expensive. I have been looking for a long time to see if I can find a cheaper option. But I had no luck.
Maybe I just missed something and someone finds the mistake. But so far no feedback came.

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I looked for it as well and couldn’t find anything but I’m not a breeding path expert :man_shrugging:

@PGGalileo could please have a look at why starting with verdant mythic sorcerer cost 197k tokens more to get the 6 arcanum legendaries than starting with verdant mythic hunter or warrior ?

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