Breeding paths help

So I am only level 41 and just found out that there are breeding paths to take breeding event is this weekend and I want to work orange tier dragon can someone tell me how to get on the best path before i get to far ahead

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Breeding event this coming week *

Use this to get to Red’s breeding paths.

I suggest the simplest “Red’s Best” tab for convenience and ease of understanding


This is the other link I mentioned in TC for other information as you progress (plus the raffle) Nova.



Ranjin 1 or Ranjin 2 which one is better?

Rajin 2

Any reason?

like everyone said, follow reds best, since you are very new to the game getting a head will be more rewarding. otherwise just get them dragons busy!

Rajin 1: You get your Harb Eggs for builder hut slightly earlier, but you need to be lvl 360 sooner to continue
Rajin 2: Slightly cheaper, you can buil up your base a little bit slower, but since it has one backbreed and two 275k breeds a little bit more difficult to pace. May cost a few more timers to speed up hatching your dragons

In the end it will probably not make much of a distance.

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